Tuesday, April 2, 2013

It's A Small World After All, Fish Face

So...I totally got called out for my blog post (Game Playing, Yo!) yesterday. And it's my own fault because I should know way better than this. When you post something on a public blog, one that anyone or anything in the universe can read, well, be prepared to answer for your words.

Which is exactly what happened yesterday when the texting dude in question called me up to tell me someone he knew had forwarded him my post - EEEEK!  (Yes, I now have to admit the post was written because of one experience,
in particular, BUT I want to qualify this by saying that, though I may
have been too harsh a judge in this instance, I still one hundred
percent stand behind what I wrote. I have experienced the 'texting disinterest" game before and have actually talked to a few dudes about it, confirming that once the hunt was over for them, they weren't interested anymore.)

Moderately Confused Fish-Face Amber


I am an extremely verbal person. One who is very, very very rarely rendered speechless. This was one of those rare moments. I think I might've said 'uhm' really fast like ten times in a row then I might've also opened and closed my mouth like a silent codfish for a few minutes - which, thankfully, the guy in question could not see because we were on the phone. (Believe me when I say that confused fish face Amber is an unsettling sight to behold.)

The guy in question could very easily have silently stewed over what I wrote. He could've written me a nasty text or called to yell at me. He could've even completely ignored me like forever and ever and ever and ever.

INSTEAD he was kind and gracious. He said he was glad I'd written the post so that he had some insight into what I was thinking. I won't go into detail, but, basically, we worked out the kinks and I think we will continue to be text buddies for a long time to come. Mostly because he chose to be open-minded and to communicate with me...and to give me the benefit of the doubt when I hadn't done the same for him.

In this case, I was wrong. I jumped to conclusions.

The lesson learned is to take each experience I have, individually, not expecting any of them to be a repeat of the last.

Seems pretty basic, right? Wrong.

Oh, and I might still need to go to that nunnery, take a vow of silence, learn that sometimes silence can be golden.

By the way, can you still text when you take a vow of silence?


  1. Nunneries are boring. You would go crazy in a couple of weeks.

  2. but will you be texting buddies with benefits?

  3. ha that IS terrifying. I'm glad it all worked out though :)

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