Thursday, February 16, 2012


So...first of all...Due to popular demand (and for the slower readers out there) I have decided to extend the FIRST CHALLENGE until March 1st...let me order to qualify for a chance at the SKYPE LUNCH with me, you must post a review of my book Serpent's Storm on one of the qualifying sites ( AMAZON US  AMAZON CA AMAZON UK AMAZON DE BARNES AND NOBLE or ITUNES ) and you must use the word 'chicken' somewhere in the review!


You must answer these three questions by March 21st, 2012:

1.) What is the name of Mademoiselle Consuela's Warbot?

2.) In what type of building is Mademoiselle Consuela a prisoner?

3.) Whose naked "male member" makes an appearance at the end of the story?

To find the answers you need to read: Mademoiselle Consuela and Her Army of One - a new short story from  IDW & me for their Zombies Vs. Robots Anthology on Amazon kindle! And the beauty of the whole thing is that it's just 99 cents!  It's available tomorrow - but you can pre-order today!


You must send the answers to these three questions to: 

Only emailed entries will be counted, so don't leave your answers in the comments section!  I will delete them and they will be disqualified!!

In order to qualify for the SKYPE LUNCH with yours truly you have to complete CHALLENGES #1 and #2!




  1. Ok, so I was literally in the middle of writing the questions for my "welcome letter" for my Biology in Allied Health class when this lovely alert vibrated my phone - which was in my it startled me. Anyhoo, I read the alert (the title of the blog) and all i could think of was "o goodness gracious" and I HAD to STOP writing the answers to my Welcome Letter so that i could read the blog.

    Now, thank you from distracting me from coursework - which was actually distracting me from my ACTUAL work... now, I hate to admit it but its time to get back to both... However, the question I'm working on is "tell me about yourself and why you are taking this class"... well OK! let me tell you!!! haha.

  2. Will "Mademoiselle Consuela and Her Army of One" be available on itunes?

  3. For those of us without Kindle or these other new fangled gadgets on this Internet fad, is there a way to order a hard copy?

    1. I tried to do challenge #1 but Barnes and Noble decided my review used inappropriate language..Not sure what they mean by that as I didn't see anything appropriate about it, embarraing typos but nothing inappropriate. And Amazon, well I guess you have to buy something before you can do a review.

      As for challenge two.. well .. I'm so retro-techno that I'm wondering if that story is coming out in Moses's tablet form. Admittedly, hard to ship..but it's employ some stone-cutters.

    2. You could always post your review on Amazon. You don't have to order it from them in order to write a review.

  4. Oh alright then, my arm is twisted.

    My Christmas prezzie is finally registered and your zombie VS robot tale is pre-ordered.

    If I get addicted to this Kindle contraption it will be entirely your fault! :)

  5. :-( can't afford that atm and I can't read atm either :-(

    Sad to be out of the challenge, but so be it.

  6. Joe aka AmberAddictFebruary 16, 2012 at 2:27 PM

    I'm really glad you decided to extend the deadline to submit a Serpent's Storm review I must admit with job hunting and illness I haven't been able to complete mine yet. :-( Thanks for giving me another chance to join in the fun.

    I can't wait to read Mademoiselle Consuela and Her Army of One I've ordered it from iTunes and Amazon however it says it won't be released until tomorrow (maybe that's just in the UK?). Is it going to be released as a comic book in the future?

    I will have completed challenges one and two very soon! (I hope!)

  7. Reblogged this on my site.

    I just picked it up, but have not read anything of it yet.

    Hope it sells well for you!!

  8. Hope there will be a printed edition soon (yep, for me, it's book or nothing ^__^).

  9. I sent a direct reply to this latest blog, but there was something I wanted to add to the second paragraph:

    If not a "naturist version of a bodice ripper," what about a naturist version of an Agatha Christie "Miss Marple" mystery (featuring, of course, a MUCH younger woman. Decades younger. You'll notice that was a plural...(:D)

  10. Just wanted to let those without Kindle's (I have a Sony reader) know that you can get the eBook in Adobe format via Plus you can use a coupon (c1auto25) to get it for 74 cents.

    Also for those who don't have an ereader, you can still get an ebook as long as you download the free reader software from the site you bought the ebook at. Then you can read it on your computer.

  11. Just received my copy of HOW TO BE DEATH.
    So happy to have the book in my hands.
    E-books ? Nah...not for me...never pour moi !

    1. I thought the same way, but then I had to move about 500 plus books to a new home and that was truly back breaking work.

    2. Well...I got 5000 plus books (comics and novels). Next time I move to a new home, I know my back will cry...but i don't care :)

  12. Hi Amber I really like reading your blogs and books your a great writer and I think it'd be really cool if you could read this poem I wrote in English class like 5 years ago we just got graded and I think it'd be cool to get some feed back back, Just figured I'd take a chance and ask! LOL

  13. I'm the anonymous comment above I didnt realize it was set to anonymous hahahahhha

  14. What the heck is a Skype lunch?

    Just stopping by to say hi anyway. Been a while. Hope you're doing well!