Wednesday, January 11, 2012


You guys are amazing!  You helped Triangle Tara raise $1000 for the Los Angeles Food Bank - plus that's not even counting the donations some of you made to the food bank in order to be registered for the Doll and Surprise Gift drawing!*

Triangle Tara and I send you big love and hugs for making this happen.  You rawk!

  • Los Angeles Regional Foodbank Customer Receipt/Purchase Confirmation‏

To Amber Benson
Thank you for your order!
Order Information
Merchant:Los Angeles Regional Foodbank
Description:Donation to
Invoice Number:67602

Billing Information
Amber Benson
Sherman Oaks, CA 91403

Shipping Information

Total: US $1000.00


 *PS: The Surprise Gift was the actual Justin Bieber T-Shirt (signed) I wore and took about a million pictures in for that Scavenger Hunt Misha Collins put on!


  1. Glad to have been a help in your endeavour and was extremely pleased to be the winner of the prize draw. A most unexpected but welcome start to the New Year. And the message on the figure was lovely. Simple but made me feel special.

  2. Joe aka AmberAddictJanuary 11, 2012 at 9:22 AM

    I'm delighted you and Triangle Tara raised so much to help the LA Food Bank it's very worthy cause. I was happy to have the chance to help them at a busy time of year.

    I don't think you give yourself enough credit for the hard work that you put in setting the campaign! Not many people would put the effort in to do that and write a note to those involved too. You are the one who rawks Amber trust me!

  3. OKAY.... so now that i am not super super super busy at work I can babble like normal! I agree with my buttercup Joe (ha! inside joke. After you told Joe to stop being so self deprecating, I scolded him too...and now he is my buttercup LOL) Not many ppl set aside the time to do something like this and i think it is amazing. I try to help out a family each year with whatever they need. Last year I was able to help out two families each with an unexpected newborn get clothes, formula, diapers, etc. The year before I was able to get a 7 year old boy a basketball signed by the Phoenix Suns. he was ecstatic. They are his heroes. I love helping people out. Its such a joy. Now I am getting ready to volunteer at Cardon's Children's Hospital in Mesa, AZ. I want to try to get on the cancer floor. It will break my heart, but those kids need a smile. =D

    you are an inspiration to many! I honestly cannot wait to meet you on March 10th. I'm driving up from Arizona to see you (and get the best coffee in the world - if you want, i'll bring you a cup!)

    =) ok..that suffices my babble!

  4. glad to see the TT action made so much money :D - it's a good thing that, even in difficult economical times, people still (we hope...) care about what happens to the less fortunate.

    We received our TT in the mail (together with the rest of stuff) so that was pretty awesome!!!

    Good job, everyone :D


  5. Glad that you managed to raise so much money for such a worthy cause :)

    Great effort to everyone that helped!