Tuesday, January 31, 2012


February is always the shortest month––even when it's a Leap Year like 2012.

But not this year.  This year I promise to pack so much interesting, weird stuff into February that it will seem like the LONGEST month on the calendar!

I am putting together THREE CHALLENGES––one of them begins today––and at the end of the whole thing (you must complete ALL THREE) some lucky person is going to win something really unique and bizarre:


Now, I know that sounds kinda ho-hum, but believe me, it will be anything but.

Firstly, I will provide you with the lunch.  I will give you a bunch of options (I know there are Vegans, Veggies, Gluten Frees, Atkins, Low Carbs, Fruitarians, Pescetarians, Hardcore Carnivores) that you can choose from and that choice will be delivered to your door.

Secondly, I will eat something disgusting, something worthy of Andrew Zimmern - and there will be Chocolate Covered Ants for dessert!

Thirdly, we will toast to your CHALLENGE prowess and your health and to the health of all the people who tried and failed to win this special lunch.

Fourthly, we will video the Chocolate Covered Ant eating (you may choose not to be on camera for this) and post it to youtube so that everyone can make fun of me.

Not so ho hum now, is it?  Oh, you naysayers, be quiet!  (I'll deal with you later)


So let me lay out the design of the first Challenge and tell you what the MAGIC NUMBER and the MAGIC WORD is!



I am looking for at least 77 reviews of Serpent's Storm by 2/17/12 - each review must contain the word CHICKEN in it––now don't be cross, you guys gave me the MAGIC NUMBER and the MAGIC WORD––and it must contain a way to contact you: either your twitter ID, your email, your blog site or your FACEBOOK name.

If I get 77 reviews (distributed among the qualifying sites I will list below) then I will choose the review I think most creatively uses the MAGIC WORD (chicken) and that first challenge winner gets to pick (between two choices) the YOUTUBE video song I will embarrassingly sing for the world.

The two choices are: Wind Beneath My WingsI Love You Period

How does that sound?

Remember, this is only the FIRST CHALLENGE.  And you have to complete it if you want to be in the running to win the SKYPE DISGUSTING LUNCH!!

I will announce the SECOND CHALLENGE on 2/16/12 - be ready!

BELOW ARE THE QUALIFYING SITES & the review must be made between today and 2/17/11*: 







*if you already reviewed the book on any of these sites prior to 1/31 then email Benson Entertainment (bensonentertainment@hotmail.com) with the subject line "CHICKEN 77" - include proof of your review (a cut and past copy will suffice) and a paragraph explaining why you love, hate or feel mediocre toward CHICKEN & I will add you to the contest!



  1. What it must be like in your brain... Good luck with the chocolate covered ants. I mean, they're ants so they're small and I don't imagine they'd taste like anything but chocolate if they are covered in chocolate. Plus you could have like 2 lbs of chocolate on an ant and then would you even notice the ant at all? I'm sure we've all eaten ants at some point in our lives without realizing it. I mean, you're out for a picnic when an ant tries to make a getaway with your sandwich but an ant is small so you don't notice and you pick it up and eat it. See? You should do something even more gross. Like slugs. I think you'd notice a slug. Ew.

    Good luck with your contest. Sounds fun. And quirky.

  2. Slugs...hmmm...haven't decided what the rest of the lunch will be yet...but slugs...hmmm.

    1. And what if you don't receive 77 reviews?

  3. funny thing..don't they alway say eating bugs tasts like CHICKEN...how about you eat 77 ants that tast like chicken? LOL muhahahhahahaha

    don't hate the players...u're the one that makes the rules :D

    good luck with it all everyone :D

  4. Girl I'm having a suck-ass day...and this...i think just made everything i want to bang my head against my desk for flutter away....the only thing i can think of is "o god woman"....

    Huni, i have to tell you...your brain is almost as scary as mine. =)

    Now can you do a gal a favor and get me the HELL outta here? Teleport me or something.

  5. Ah ha ha...this sounds fun :)

  6. I couldn't be doing slugs! I can't do review for you, but did just email that address, a few mins before this was posted :P If you can check it at any point soonish I would def appreciate it! Have you thought about fried crickets, they're supposed to be quite nice, though you wouldn't get me near them *gag* I couldn't eat octopus without gagging on it and almost bringing up my dinner, let alone things of the creepy crawly variety!

  7. Wind beneath my wings is an awesome song!

    Still pondering my chicken, it must be something gooood...

  8. I love you period, and do you love me question mark.....THAT song? OMG Amber, you are so cool. I didn't know anybody even knew that song existed.

  9. Just found this and after wrestling with the empty brains of apathetic students who lack even a modicum of humor (or ability to recognize it) your post had me giggling like a crazy woman (luckily my office door locks and has no window -- or else the men in white jackets with the lovely canvas coat would be carting me off campus).

    Chocolate covered ants you say....hmmm...wonder if they are crunchy like ice cream sprinkles? I'd wish the others good luck with the contest, but I'm thinking you may need the luck for the ants (and whatever else you cook up).

    All the best...

  10. Joe aka AmberAddictJanuary 31, 2012 at 12:39 PM

    <> Challenge Excepted!!!

    Here was me thinking February was going to be a dull month well not any more as I have to get involved in this. :-) I'm sure whichever fan is lucky enough to win this “disgusting Skype lunch” is going to have so much fun! I know this doesn't count and you have tons of fans who deserve this prize but if I had to I'd happily eat the ants if it meant I could have lunch with you.

    Disclaimer: the above statement was in no way an attempt to bribe you just a statement of fact because my friends know this is exactly the sort of thing I do to hang out with you on Skype for a while! To quote Brian from Drones "is that crazy like a crazy person?" I'll let you be the judge.

    I will get to work on my review of Serpent’s Storm and make sure it's posted before the deadline. Some of my friends and fellow Amber fans may be shocked to learn I haven't reviewed this already but I just didn't feel I had the skill to do the book justice. Yes I remember that I'm no longer supposed to be negative however I believe your words were “on twitter” nothing was mentioned about blog replies LOL! Okay I'll be serious for a second I was just nervous about publishing something I'd written online because I talk a good game but I've never been much of a wordsmith. That said I've never been one to back down from a challenge in my 29 years especially not one laid down by your good self. On the bright side I'm now using voice recognition software to do most of my typing so if my review looks a little odd I can simply blame the software (evil laugh).

    One question though why ants have they started showing I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here in the United States? If they have then on behalf of the people of the United Kingdom I'd like to take this opportunity to apologise for inflicting another dreadful reality TV show on you.

    Well I better get started on my review but I'm already looking forward to finding out what your next challenge will be! :-)

  11. robtee wrote a review on Barnes you wench! lol

  12. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. What is this Skype? IS it some sort of condition contracted from eating too many chocolate covered ants or slugs?

      Miss Benson, you are so delightfully diabolical and demented that I must find a way to participate in this challenge just so I can say I did.

  13. You're going to eat WHAT for dessert?!!?

    Not sure how much mileage you can get out of chicken jokes: Jarvis sounds like Jeeves, servant of Bertie Rooster? We now know what a certain Indian goddess' favourite Tandoori meal is? Calliope's fireman-related phobia includes imagery of her running around nekkid like a barnyard fowl with its head cut off (and while parts of her anatomy may bounce, I'm sure they would NOT flap...)?

    You started it...

  14. http://www.amazon.co.uk/review/RY8R75MZJT9BQ/ref=cm_cr_rdp_perm

    our review #chicken :)
    twinzz (@twinsthings)

  15. I've heard they're quite crunchy; honestly not sure if I ever tried them or not, although as a kid who loved watching ants I always wnated to. (As i recall they use a very tiny type of ant, and I think they're fried before being added to the chocolate. They are, among toher things, rather pricey!)
    Not, however, bowing into this contest, thanks anyway:-). DaddyCatALSO

  16. Posted using my review on Amazon UK using my twitter name.

    Love this idea, completely off the wall and totally fitting.

  17. Oh geeze. Now I gotta think of some way to use the word 'chicken' in a review. Oh and I gotta meet Dr. Who as well and ask him to take me in the tardis to 2011, cause apparently you want this done by 2/17/2011. ;p