Friday, January 6, 2012

Great Expectations

I have romanticized this journey.

Nothing can survive the wrath of great expectations. I think it was the sitting up sleeping that finally broke me. I can handle babies and their poo, a lack of functioning electrical outlets so I can't work on my computer, even paying 2.50 for a tiny pack o'peanuts.

But the sit up that was a killer. That and the stinky feet, farting and snoring that goes along with sleeping in a train car with about eighty or so other people.

I am not a super whiny person, but when I don't get enough sleep and going to the bathroom is a quasi-spectator sport, well, I'm not at my best.

I'm now on the second leg of my journey and there's another whole twenty hours to go. One more night of sit up sleep.

I romanticized this trip - I thought it would be chill and fun. That it was not. It felt like work.


  1. Hmmm...this has perhaps turned me off of wanting to travel by train. I'm the same way. Don't mess with my sleep. Hang in there, Amber. :)

  2. There is much to be said about having your own sleeper as well as your own potty. If you're traveling coach, such simple conveniences must appear far away. Having traveled many a train, you have my sympathies. But do keep in mind the following: the trip will end. You will get there. And, God willing, there will be a hot bath topped off with many bubbles. And a Margarita.

  3. I'm sorry the experience is not what you expected it to be.

    I personally enjoy traveling by train but then I'm not usually riding on one for more than a few hours.

    This why I believe in setting the bar low when it comes to expectations. For instance if I'm ever fortunate enough to be published, I'll consider it a success if a hundred people outside my small circle of friends and family buy it.

    I hope you manage to get some decent sleep during the rest of the trip.

  4. I think we all romanticize certain things in our lives. I am sorry this trip has not been what you have expected. Where are you headed? i hope these next 20 hours are better than the first. Stay safe huni. There are crazy ppl out there. =)

    I know this is a lot shorter than my usual posts- but i have a good reason... I'm going to go watch Drones now... bye bye

  5. well maybe not - netflix is being stupid at the moment.

    So i do have to agree with you - I am not a whiny person in general either, but if I don't get sleep - and by sleep I mean at least 2 hours in a 72 hour time frame - then I'm a bitch. i can do about 3 days worth on 2 hours of sleep - thanks to college. lol

    So what all was this trip suppose to hit?

    OOOO DRONES IS ON! Thank the Netflix GODS! I'll talk to you later!

  6. Time for a rage-fueled 20-hour writing sprint? Not necessarily for publication, but for the catharsis of articulate art.

  7. It just struck me. Give yourself 40 years and sleeping sitting up may be the only way you can.

  8. Joe aka AmberAddictJanuary 7, 2012 at 3:22 AM

    Hey Amber sorry your journey's isn't living up to great expectations. I am a truly horrible person when I go without sleep trust me! As for sleeping sitting up it is completely impossible for me to get any sleep whasoever. I find that strange given my situation but that's just typical me I guess! LOL

    I hope the journey gets better you and arrive safely!

  9. we know it might take away a large portion of the "travel exitement" but planes take away a lot of traveling hours + guarantee that you'll probably sleep where you wanna sleep by the end of the day :-)

    where are you going to? somewhere 20 hours from NM..does that mean you'll be going to ..old mexico?

  10. I've always thought train rides were really classy and timeless...then again, I've never been on a train, so how would I know anything? As you said, though, only twenty hours left! You'll get there, Amber!

  11. I have found that the only way to get through that kind of journey is to drink... and talk to random old people who will tell you their life stories. Which is always interesting (well, almost always). But the drinking helps! x

  12. I took a train trip a few years back from Denver to San Francisco and then from San Francisco to Seattle. It was advertised to take two days. It actually took four days. I spent the first leg of my trip in very much the same funk. I thought the train was supposed to be an adventure, I blame Jack Kerouac for my disillusion. By the time I deboarded in San Francisco I was ready to be done.

    Upon boarding the train bound for Seattle, I came across a pair of gutter punk kids with a deck of cards playing Gin Rummy. I sat down near them and they invited me to join them. We ended up playing Go Fish and talking about banking reform. The next three days went by in a blur, with random people being invited to our card game and sitting down to talk about indie film/music/politics/comic books/whatever. It made the rest of my trip pretty memorable.

    My advice to you is look for the gutter punks with the deck of cards, they are like the Waldo of the Amtrak system: always there, sometimes difficult to find. Check the dining car.

  13. On long train journeys I like to check out my fellow passengers and concoct stories with them as the characters. Like the guy in 47A who boarded with a large suitcase (almost a steamer trunk) has just murdered his wife and is taking her body (which is chopped up and wrapped in plastic bin liners in the case) to the coast to dispose of it in the sea then burn the case; the woman in 12B has just cleared out the joint bank account she has with her husband and is running away to join her aerobics instructor who left a week earlier to buy a flat which they will turn into their sapphic love nest. Really makes the time pass.

  14. T/rain ride XIV (Translated by Google)

    Hands. Ruffled and strange. Knocked, kicked, oxidized. Droppings. Entire continent slosh outside. Butterfly. Shiny interlocking without hesitation. Understand eyes. Body slips when steps became sticky. Distant corner of the entry. Sun fell. The endings. Half conscious thrill. Openings of the years. Hatred flourish after its been hatched. Child running in the aisle. Open your eyes with smile. Fall out from the material. Blind T-Shirt is the rhythm of the World. Tongue wades in the water. Desperate need of straight lines. On the floor lovemaking is water. Kick the attitude.

    Notice that the walls outside are covered with poisonous weed.

  15. I would have sprung for the Sleeping Car.

    No judgement!!!

  16. It's been a while since I was on a train in the US. Don't they still have the option for private rooms or first class on them?