Monday, May 9, 2011

Making Money The Old Fashioned Way

And by that I mean...PROSTITUTION.

I want to be an Internet prostitute. No, not that kind of Internet prostitute. I'm not interested in placing an escort ad in the back of the LA Weekly and seeing who likes my pic enough to email me for "a date".

I'm talking about the prostitution of my creativity to make a buck. It sounds bad, but I've decided that instead of railing against the institution and how awful it is, I'm just going to create my own institution...and then I can decide how much of myself I want to prostitute at any given time.

I think this is something all creative people need to do for themselves. We need to make our stuff and then get it out to the world ourselves. Sure, you can use distribution channels like amazon, hulu, youtube, itunes, etc - that's par for the course - but within that framework, you have to be the one calling the shots for yourself.

This way your creativity is unfettered by corporate business people trying to dictate what's funny, what beautiful, what's get the picture. All the decisions are then placed into your hands, and the hands of the people you have chosen to work with on a creative level.

You can make a living this way...look at all the VLOG peeps on Youtube making advertising revenue...all the self-published books that are finding their own only makes sense to get on the bandwagon now before the bandwagon leaves you behind.

The corporate structure of entertainment isn't really going to be viable forever. It's like a big, unwieldy dinosaur among a bunch of fleet-footed mammals. Sure, we're not talking tomorrow, but within the next twenty-five years, mark my words, how we get entertained is going to change. And only the corporate peeps who are willing to be flexible wither their business models are gonna survive.

It's like the wild west out there – 15 minutes of fame a la Andy Warhol – and anyone can become a star, a mover and shaker, a big mucky-muck.

Be in charge of your own content, make it available to the masses yourself. That's where it's at, man. I'm still half-antiquated, but I'm working on changing that.

I'm gonna be an Internet prostitute and damn excited about it.


  1. You're right. We'll all be there at some point, better get a headstart. I'm looking forward to being your john, so to speak ;]

  2. I have a camera and editing equip. Think you are hilarious. Used to cut Buffy promo's. Give me a holler......

  3. Say it, sister!

    Did some self-whoring back in the day and created the first 'motion comic' series. ( I remember seeing your Avalon flash story being featured on BBC Cult and thinking: 'If Amber sees the merits of this medium, maybe I AM on the right course!'

    I've got heaps of peeps with blog, social media, self-publishing, garage-game, indy-film, and web series Success. It IS possible, people - it's just a matter of refining your Message, knowing your Audience, and Evangelizing with efficiency.

    Continued respect,


  4. Sorry - make that Albion - old age and a doddering mind shouldn't be held against me =)

  5. at first i was like woah, i need a job; but then i read the rest and was like wow no i really need a job so i can support you as best i can!

  6. Awesome!

    Looking forward to seeing what you do.

  7. I am also considering becoming a internet escort. I took a intro filmmaking course and bought a camera and editing software. Now all I need is some lighting equipment and some ideas.....

  8. Yeah! fight the man! Power to the creative people!

  9. My website helps people "prostitute" themselves in order to sell their work, as long as they help us sell the site. I guess that makes us a brothel. *shrugs*

  10. I don't know if prostitution is the word to be used for selling your work, no matter what you do to sell it. (Unless it's offered as a package plan along with sex, of course.) Or, to put it another way, there's nothing wrong with making money in exchange for hard work. While I've gone the traditional route with my first novel, a self-published book is just as legitimate.

    By the way, I'm still pissed off about what happened on Supernatural.

  11. do you have the how too instructions on how to do it. As in what websites do you put yourself on to make money and how do you make money? I would love to make money from my creative juices just need a bit of encouragement and helpful hints please. xxx

  12. By the way, I'm still pissed off about what happened on Supernatural.

    what the ending to series 5? I am pissed off Angel series 5 ended so abruptly and Buffy season 7 I want more. I doubt anyone will listen but didn't Joss Whedon promise a Spike movie and what about Giles in London series he also promised on the BBC.

  13. power to us whores! our form of proletariat prostitution need no pimp!

    damn I like that.

  14. So, you looking at something like "The Guild"? Web series subsequently released on DVD and licensed to XBox?

  15. More and more people are starting to think that way. A recent UK example is Richard Herring, a stand-up who figured that offering high-quality free stuff on the net would get more people coming to his live shows, as well as avoiding 'you can't say that on TV'-type shenanigans.

  16. Great! Looking forward to some quality Amber time. Now we won't have to be subjected to another seasan sux ending by one of your wonderful charecters..I will 'never' watch super natural again!!

    Ps. You are sooooooooooooo damn funny!

  17. Joe aka AmberAddictMay 10, 2011 at 11:55 AM

    First I'm really excited to see your new internet projects. Secondly I think you're too hard on yourself you made and financed two independent films. I haven't even mentioned Drones which you and Adam did a superb job of directing. I noticed someone mentioned Ghosts of Albion before that came out I'd never seen an internet based series. The majority of all done before people started using hulu, facebook, youtube to get their work out there. The point of my mini rant was not to lose sight of what you accomplished.

    I have to admit I'm jealous. I spent years studying film but I lacked the talent and intelligence to make something people would want to watch. I truly admire those who get out there and make it happen. If you ever need any help with your work in future I'm your man. I maybe a no talent bum but I can order coffee and carry bags like no one else. :)

    Good Luck!

  18. You go, lady! We'll be here waiting and watching.

    Also, I feel that someone should start a petition to get you a cameo of some sort on The Guild because that would sort of make my year.

  19. I think you're right on the money Amber, I can see things merging to the point where there are no more television stations and computers and tv are no longer separate devices.

    I started putting my stuff online in January. So far my biggest problem is that I need more hours in the day and maybe a few clones to keep up with trying to post on Facebook, Twitter, my website, publish a news letter and actually write the stuff I'm trying to hype and get attention on to sell.

    I don't know how you do it but you're a role model and mentor. I love all your stuff. I just picked up the first book of the Death's Daughter series after I saw your book reading at Skylight Books. I can't wait to read it.

  20. You are an inspiration. Never forget that. The further you push yourself and more challenges you overcome. So we too believe.

  21. Whoring your work totally sounds bad, but totally agree with going that direction.
    No more filtering creative ideas through a mouth-piece, but instead getting it straight to the public without having what you have created watered down or altered.
    I say, whore-away, keeps everything how the artist intended it to be.

  22. You go, fraulein! (And honestly, your word choice added impact to your statement.)

    Yes, I'm ticked off about Lenore's fate, too, (So is a lady doing a crosssover fic at the Kitten.) Like I said, I'm almost afraid to watch anything with you in it anymore.

  23. French new big fanMay 15, 2011 at 10:29 AM

    Hi Amber
    I totally agree with you It's a chance and an honour for me ,I can talk to you...almost!Please forgive me if I do errors in writing but I'm French so ... I admire you acting,directing,writing....I have a little question:will I find your books in french a day?

  24. What options are you considering?

    The Web series route (ala "The Guild")

    The Sponsered Podcast/Vlo/Live Show route (ala SModcast, Adam Carolla, The Nerdist)?

  25. It may seem like an odd suggestion, but adding ads to your Blogger slowly brings in the monies based on hits. In the editor there is an option to "monetize" and seeing as you've got quite a few readers it may help.

    Ignore everyone who complains, because people on the internet think everything is free - and they're not even paying for the ads that they don't have to pay attention to.

  26. Thanks, Ms. Benson, for giving me something to think about.

    Myself, I seem to be attempting the "first few samples free-ish" model. I don't expect any income to speak of from my submissions to Shirt.Woot and Spoonflower, but perhaps they'll get my work out there enough to drive in some commissions. In the meanwhile, they scratch a creative itch, so I make time for them around my day job. If I expected, at the moment, to support myself from them, I'd be sorely disappointed, but since I can already work (mostly) from home, I'm pretty satisfied by my situation.

  27. pimping yourself online is far easier than doing it on the streets. whatever you do make it big, make it loud, and make sure that you get heard no matter what. and, do it often. you don't want people to forget.