Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Hey, haven't I been promising a much touted (okay, maybe a minorly touted) return to the South?! Well, guess what? I'm coming to the South!!

I will be at GAYLAXICON in Atlanta , GA from May 13 -15 - that's in like two weeks, folks!!

I will be chatting and signing stuff and generally making a nuisance of myself, so if you want to see me in my natural element - that is, eating lots of fried Southern food goodness and spilling sweet tea on myself - then I suggest you come on down.

Growing up, I spent a goodly bit of time in Hotlanta, so the peachie city holds a special place in my heart. Hope to see all you loverly Atlanta peeps there!


  1. Naturally, I'll be out of town at that time. My first time leaving the state.

  2. Joe AKA AmberAddictApril 27, 2011 at 12:21 PM

    It sounds like so much fun I really wish I could be there! I have very good friend who will be there for sure! I know you guys will have fun! :)

  3. Hi Amber, I hope you have a fantastic time at the event. it is great to see that you still very openly and continuously support the LGBT community at a time when rampant homophobia appears to be a fashionable trend amongst many who see the criminalisation of homophobia as somehow a bad thing that needs challenged.

    As someone with friends who are gay, it heartens me to see such under stated support from people such as yourself. i say understated not in the sense of less important, more that you do not seek to profit from your support, but give it fully to a worthy cause. it is a selfless act of just reasoning and compassionate logic that I find amongst your best qualities.

  4. Hope you enjoy Atlanta, Amber! I hope to stop by.

    If you want that southern food (or anything) brought to your door, I work for a delivery company called Zifty. We deliver food from restaurants all over the city as well as grocery and household items. All of it can ordered online from our website

    A lot of celebrities use our service to eat food from some of the nicer restaurants in Atlanta without having to fight traffic or be harassed. If you use the code: BE5DDE you'll get 20% off your first order as well. ;)

  5. If you're looking for a cool indy bookstore for an additional signing while you're in town, I heartily recommend Blue Elephant. I love going there. (I don't work there or anything; I'm just a reader who loves to support indies.)

  6. see you there! -wave-

    hope everybody in the ATL area is OK... the weather news from down there is pretty scary. :(

  7. id give anything in the world to be there...but alas i am stuck in day i vow to meet u have a great time amber

  8. Yes, also in the wrong state, among other issues.

    Watched _Supernatural_ last night; honestly, it's getting to the point where I almost don't want to watch a show you're on. Don't TV producers know anything else about you except you "screen good" at, well, "that thing"?

    Sigh, praying for a fetaure-length remake of _The Forms Of Things Unknown_, Daniel Craig as Tone, Johnny Depp as Andre, PEter O'Toole as the older man, Mercedes as Katia, and you as Leonora....

  9. I'll be there with bells on! Well...figurative bells anyway... :o)

  10. Wish I could go (the fact that I live in Western Canada and currently owe a month's rent worth of income I don't hold on that "Canadians have to have passports now" nonsense...makes it a pretty definite "no."); but I'm sure interesting stuff will show up on YouTube to simulate the experience. Perhaps even in the "NOT a Chinese curse" sense.

    Did see your scene on "Supernatural" Friday; I don't know what DaddyCatALSO's problem is, I felt your performance as Lenore was a strong and sympathetic one. Even if I'm sure there are people out there "neenerneenerneenering" me about my prediction that your "bloody" TV guest appearance was going to be on "True Blood."

    Note to DaddyCatALSO: next time, remember to mention whether the "remake" is based on something on TV (in "The Forms of Things Unknown"'s case, it was the original "Outer Limits." I'm surprised you didn't include "Demon with a Glass Hand"(for the record, my personal favourite remains t"The Inheritors").

    Finally saw your appearance in Travis Betz's video, as well as the little interview regarding your love of the "Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy" novels. I'd like to echo that love, although for me it began with the TV version. I especially love the line in "Life the Universe & Everything" in which we learn the secret to flying is throwing yourself at the ground and missing. Of course, that shouldn't really be attempted...

    Looking forward to your upcoming projects.

  11. Hello Amber, I'll never have a chance to say 'hello' face to face, if I receive a "hello" here will be like a virtual autograph, hehe. I'll print it, for sure, and I'll be very glad.
    Greetings from Brazil.

    Danilo Carreira

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  13. Umm, I avoided mentioning it because of spoilers; my problem is that everybody seems to want to cast Amber as a corpse in training.

  14. Great seeing you at Gaylaxicon. Thanks for all the support. You were a wonderful guest.

  15. Amber,
    It was really cool meeting you and all your folks at Outlantacon. You should go visit your family in the south more often so you will do events there.
    I picked up your books (which I don't remember being mentioned at Outlantacon) when I saw Serpent's Storm on the new rack. I really like Calliope and I normally hate chick-lit. I will try to post reviews for you on Amazon. I read much faster than I manage to write reviews unfortunately so it may take a bit but I won't forget! I'm going to try and get my teeenage nieces to read them when they visit later in the summer.

    In case you don't remember who this is, you have our card for our tales of the star union website.