Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Hey, haven't I been promising a much touted (okay, maybe a minorly touted) return to the South?! Well, guess what? I'm coming to the South!!

I will be at GAYLAXICON in Atlanta , GA from May 13 -15 - that's in like two weeks, folks!!

I will be chatting and signing stuff and generally making a nuisance of myself, so if you want to see me in my natural element - that is, eating lots of fried Southern food goodness and spilling sweet tea on myself - then I suggest you come on down.

Growing up, I spent a goodly bit of time in Hotlanta, so the peachie city holds a special place in my heart. Hope to see all you loverly Atlanta peeps there!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Sex Scene Spectacular - starring me & Patrick Rothfuss

Patrick Rothfuss and I reading the naughty bits from my book, Serpent's Storm. All I have to say is that Patrick is the best sport ever!!! And his southern drawl is pretty spectacular, too!