Sunday, November 7, 2010


It's that time of year again. When Triangle Tara gets antsy and wants to go out into the world and help a few peeps for the holidays. Last year, she raised over $2000 for the Los Angeles Food Bank and she was so proud of the outcome that she decided to do the whole thing over again this year for...THE TREVOR PROJECT!

You see, when I told her how tough this past year has been for the LGBTQ community, all the homophobic bullying and the senseless teen suicides the bullying has caused, she got very angry and wanted to help.

For the next week: Monday the 8th of November thru Monday the 15th of November, Triangle Tara will be available for sale for $100 bucks - with all proceeds from the week going to The Trevor Project. Triangle Tara and I will include a personal note to everyone who participates in the project and I will also sign and personalize Triangle Tara, too!

After the first week, Triangle Tara will be available for $125 for the rest of November and December with 50% of the proceeds going to The Trevor Project.

Triangle Tara knows that times are hard and she wants to make sure everyone has a chance to help, so if you donate $10 or more to The Trevor Project and send your receipt to, your name will be entered into a drawing for one of three special prizes!

All the info for Tara 4 Charity is right here!*

The Trevor Project is working hard to make sure that every LGBTQ teen in crisis gets the help and support they need. Help Tara help Trevor make this holiday season safe and bullying free!

*Special thanks to Theresa Grammer and Xita and the Kitten Board (Theresa did the beautiful web design work) for helping to get this event off the ground!


  1. Fantastic idea. Can't afford the figure but I will make a donation to The Trevor Project. I had intended a donation to them on your behalf to go along with the donation I made for you to 826LA as my Xmas present to you but I will make a donation to elsewhere as your present and give this donation to support your very noble cause.

  2. Hi Amber, I just wanted to say that what you're doing for the LGBTQ Community is really great and I just wanted to say, "THANK YOU WITH ALL MY HEART." I also thought this was a good chance to tell you something important to me...I'm not sure if you remember me, but I met you at the Buffyfest in Boston, I'm Olivia the girl with the awesome mom. :) I just wanted to let you know that even though I'm comfortable with being a lesbian, I was able to be more comfortable about after meeting you and I know that sounds sort of odd but that's just wat happened and I can't seem to find the right words to tell you how greatful I am fr that experience! I hope to one day meet you again and tell you in person!!!

  3. thanks for raising awareness for this cause. i'm trying to get together some money for this, in the meantime i will be sharing the info for the trevor project on my FB and my own blog to help spread the word.

  4. Maybe to reiterate a common line of thought, but it is so important that people who are in the public eye where their voice can raise awareness do. I think it's not only tragic, but an injustice that they only way these issues are brought to light are because of a series of deaths. Ok, off my soapbox, this is a great idea an opportunity for not only for your fans but the causes they will raise funds for. Very cool of you.

  5. Joe aka AmberAddictNovember 7, 2010 at 2:45 PM

    Hey Amber

    Onne again you've come up with a great way to help a very worthy cause! I've bought my Triangle Tara I will give her a good home! :)

  6. I re-blogged it to let others know as well!

    Maybe this is the year I get one for myself.

  7. This is such an important and timely charity that when Amber puts out the call, I can only answer with my support in purchasing another Triangle Tara to line up with the one from the L.A. food bank last year and the one which helped finance "Lovers, Liars, and Lunatics."
    I was so proud of my home state of Iowa when the Supreme Court ruled in favor of same-sex marriage but was deeply ashamed when the voters last week threw out the Chief Justice and the two associate justices who were in favor of the ruling.
    My conscience is clear as I voted to retain them but it sullies all of the work and the striving to ensure that everone has the right to love whom they choose.
    It all comes back to Amber's quote: "It doesn't matter who you're sleeping with. What matteris is how you treat people."
    Thank you, Amber, for letting me be a part of trying to redress the balance my fellow Iowans have perpetrated upon the GLBT community.

  8. I do not advocate any use of the term LGBTQ. I am a lesbian and do not identify with the needs of any other letter in this thrown-together acronym.

  9. Two years ago, in my hometown, a man was beaten to death because he was gay. This year, in this very town, the window of a hairdresser was tagged and broken several times because he is gay. And yesterday, at TV, the Pope continued as always to reject gay weddings and abortion. Call me naïve, but I find it really difficult sometimes to believe in mankind.
    Then, I read your blog, Amber, the great things you do and say, I read the comments of your fans, which I'm very proud to be part of, and that gives me inspiration to go on and to spread the good word, even in my remote corner of France.
    I had some issues of my own in my past, but I never gave up. Suicide will never be a solution. As I always say, life can be a bitch sometimes but as long as you got something to hold on, it can be great too. Family, friends and passions whatever they are (for me it will always be books) are the things that help me when I'm down. I hope that all the people at the Trevor Project will find theirs.


  11. Amber,

    This is a wonderful drive to raise money and awareness for our LGBTQ youth. The Trevor Project is a great organization. You and our favorite lesbian witch, TARA, are awesome role models for people of all ages and sexual orientation. I wish you and this fundraiser much success. Thank you.

    PS: Say, "Happy Birthday" to Tara for me!

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  14. This is great news. Tara, you rock!! ;) I think I will go with a donation but I don't know, I could buy myself the little figure as my birthday present. We'll see. Anyway, great, great idea.

    And hey, to the anynymous who doesn't like the acronymous. I'm also a lesbian. Sometimes i refer to myself as lesbian and others as "bollera" or "bollo" (spanish terms for dyke), I don't use the term queer for myself, I don't need to identify that way but hey, some people do need to identify as queer. They don't think they fit into gay or lesbian or bisexual or they do want an additional label. What's wrong with that? I think it's great that more and more people are being who they are, whether they are gay, bisexual, trans, genderqueer, queer or IDKIDC ("I don't know and I don't care"). So really, a longer acronymous would never bother me.

  15. Actually, the Q used here is for Questioning.

    Quoted from The Trevor Project website:
    "The Trevor Project is the leading national organization focused on crisis and suicide prevention efforts among lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning (LGBTQ) youth."

  16. Oh, okay. Then it even makes more sense to include it. I came out as soon as I began the questioning (and my mother thought it was just a phase triggered by one spanish prime-time TV lesbian couple, in fact) but some people need more questioning... Also, I was pretty lucky if you consider lucky that I as so used to bullying and to be perceived as difference than coming out wasn't that big of a difference. And yeah, it gets better. I'm not in my best moment right now, but suffice to say that now I have friends that appreciate me for who I am and value lots of things in me that were just barely tolerated by my peers when I was fifteen.
    Anyway, great for that q, especially if we are talking teens. In my opinion, anyway. I hey, I got wrong the " q" so...

  17. Be perceived as different. That's what I mean. Grr. Sorry, bad english.

  18. How did I miss knowing about this??? Today is the 16th!!! I would have liked to have done the $100 dollar deal. How do I get on better mailing lists? Gail (

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  22. I love it! Can't wait for the conference too, it's going to be great. And I'm 100% with you on the boob sweat. It's just plain unnecessary!

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