Thursday, September 2, 2010

Post Card Campaign/Contest for Among The Ghost

Hey Folks!

So I had a funny little idea, one that I thought I would share with you. Sometimes you have epiphanies while driving in the car – usually they have more to do with what you want to make for dinner or how much time you really spend washing clothes (a lot more time than you think!), but this epiphany concerns children's books: chiefly my new one, Among The Ghosts.

I want to do an Among The Ghosts Postcard Campaign via twitter. What? A postcard campaign, you say? Whatever might that be?

Well, folks, today is your lucky day because I am going to explain exactly what I mean.

For every person who retweets a particular tweet (one that I am going to tweet today at 3pm pacific time and has the hashtag #AmongTheGhosts), I will mail you a postcard. It will have something funny, silly or weird written on it and it will be addressed to you personally, no matter where you live.

I will be checking for your retweets and then I will tweet you to email me your info (name and address) at a special email address.

Now I have explained the twitter Among The Ghosts Postcard Campaign and it's your job to get you and your friends to join in the fun. The Among The Ghosts Postcard Campaign will last from 9/2/10 through 9/6 - he cut off is midnight pacific standard time on 9/6.

So be prepared for some nutty Amber Benson goodness. I've always wanted to do something crazy with postcards and today is that opportunity. Help me get the word out about Among The Ghosts - let's make it a best seller!



  1. this is an amazing idea!! I will be on standby until I see the tweet then I'm RT'ing that mutha! hehe.

  2. Got to say this definitely sounds epiphany-worthy. Fun, too.

  3. This sounds great. Glad to hear (for a change) about it *beforehand*.

  4. Joe aka AmberAddictSeptember 2, 2010 at 2:45 PM

    What a cool idea I will be taking part, I admire you come up with original ideas!

  5. Awesome idea, Amber! Promotion with a personal touch. :)

  6. What a great idea! I just retweeted your tweet :)

  7. You gonna be writing postcards 'til your hands are numb, ma'am!

  8. I just finished RTing lol this is an awsome idea :D The book is so gorgeous it deserves to be a best seller so yep! Bring in the fun XD & RT!!

  9. This is bloody brilliant. Hopefully you don't get carpal tunnel from the many many many fans of yours retweeting the message. :-)

  10. GREAT IDEA and very successful as I can see now.
    The kind of thing that makes me regret that I'm not on Twitter. Yeah, I'm a complainer.

  11. Hey Amber,
    Great idea, I hope it's really successful!
    I have a website that reviews kids entertainment (books, movies, comics, etc) from the perspective of a parent, I'll have to get this book and review it for you.

  12. i'm hope i'm not too late to partake

  13. Hi Amber,

    I have usually been following you on facebook.

    I notice that your last couple of posts HERE have not been sent to THERE.

    Is something broken?

    Please Advise

  14. Oh I love it. :) Btw, if still want to continue writing postcards all over the world after this (I'm curious if you'll get sick of it) you should check out postcrossing . com, it's a cool website where you can write postcards to people across the world and receive others back. :)

  15. Hi Amber,

    Sounds like a wonderful idea!
    I would love to participate, spread the word, promote your book - however: I don't have a twitter-acount, and my Weblog has apr. 20 readers....
    Any ideas how I still can join in on the fun?

    - Puck

  16. I hate Twitter, and besides, I am far too shy for this. Good luck on your new children's book, though. You are going to stun the industry someday, very soon, with your success, a massive success. I don't know what the project will be, but something you do will be very big!!!

    Sincerely, Little Red Riding Hood Guy

  17. I'm with anonymous on the Twitter thing.

    Could you also make it a "Like" on Facebook?

    I am a keen reader of your facebook page "Amber Bensonwrotethis" on Facebook..

  18. got train tickets and a hotel reservation worth a multitude of my train ticket... but I'm going to Germanyyy!!!

    How could I not, it's just one country over, and the Netherlands aren't even a big country LoL

  19. i retweeted but not sure, is there a time limit?

  20. Hey Amber,

    The post card idea is amazing and i hope it worked! Seems like im just a bit too late to participate.

    I first heard about you when i was told i look alot like you... But the other day i was watching a Buffy episode and you were in it and i realized how much i missed seeing you on tv and such.

    My friend said it would be awesome to see you on youtube and asked if you were ever to do a youtube channel.

    xD - Casey

  21. I sat on my couch at 2pm to read the firsts chapters of Among the ghosts...and at 5pm, I was still there, reading the last words and really hoping for a second book. I love that feeling, when I lost myself in a book so good I didn't even notice the world around me.
    Noh is a great character, I love the supporting characters and I was really touched by Hubert, the sad and lonely ghost. The New Newbridge Academy is full of mysteries and I'm sure Amber has a lot of stories to tell that takes place in the corridors of the Academy. And the drawings are fantastic, my fave is the one where Noh is alone in the cemetery. Powerful stuff. I didn't know Sina Grace before but now he has a new fan in France.
    And yeah, I'm 35, but I always thought that a good "children" book can be read by readers of all ages. Among the ghosts is now in my "children books" top 3 with The Wizard of Oz and Neil Gaiman's Coraline.Period.
    Merci, Amber, et vivement le prochain livre!

  22. That's an extremly nice idea :) Too bad I missed it...
    Looking forward to more ideas from you :)

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