Wednesday, June 9, 2010


The movie Ghoulies came out in the summer of 1985. I was eight years old at the time and I couldn't get over the poster for the film - a round-headed ghoul popping out of a toilet. The ad was everywhere: at the movie theater, on TV...I was obsessed. I was definitely not the films demographic, nor was my four year old sister, who I'd also turned into a Ghoulies freak. We petitioned our mom, begged and pleaded with her to take us to see this Ghoulie movie - to the point where she actually gave in and said she would take us.

I remember the day we went. We'd spent the morning at the pool and the asphalt was like tar. It was hot, hot enough that when you opened the car door the overpowering heat attacked you and made it hard to breathe. The seat belts were scorching, opening the windows did nothing to alleviate the heat. Only time and the air conditioning could do that. We drove away from the pool, down the winding Alabama roads, the lush greenery overflowing around us. We got to the theater mid-day and there was hardly anyone there for the afternoon movies even though it was the heart of Summer. Outside, the poster for Ghoulies was up on the wall along with all the other 'playing now' and 'coming soon' films. We parked, clamoring back into the heated, humid air and crossed the lot. We followed our mom over to the ticket window and waited while she asked for three tickets to see Ghoulies. To her happiness - and our misery - the kid behind the window said that Ghoulies wasn't playing anymore, but there WAS another film called The Goonies playing. She bought three tickets for the The Goonies movie and we went into the air-conditioned theater, the cool air blasting our faces and causing gooshflesh to break out on our arms.

Of course, we loved The Goonies. It was great - an instant classic. And for the longest time, I thought it was so fortuitous that we missed Ghoulies and ended up with The Goonies. It's only as I get older that I think back to that time and realize there was nothing 'fortuitous' about it.

Our mom had to have known that Ghoulies was gone when she took us to that theater.


  1. So did you ever get a chance to see Ghoulies?
    It's not quite a good as The Goonies. ;)

  2. Your mom was very clever. I have cool memories of watching B or Z movies on my old tape recorder, flicks like Ghoulies, Critters or my all time favorite : Killer clowns from outer space. But Goonies is the kind of movie that stay in mind. I still have it in DVD. I'm almost your age (almost, I'm 35)and, as every 30+ guy or gal, I grew up with Star Wars, Indiana Jones, The Lost Boys, Fright night, Gremlins, ect...
    My TOP 3 is :
    1- Near Dark
    2- Princess Bride
    3- Stand by me
    What a time! These masterpieces are beyond time. They are just great pieces of cinema.
    Merci pour les souvenirs, Amber!

  3. The Goonies is a classic I remember having the nintendo SNES game of it too.

  4. The Goonies is an absolute classic, even to someone who was all of 16 when it came out. I was old enough to know that it had a story by Spielberg (and starred "Short Round" from Indiana Jones and the Teple of Doom) and was written by the guy who wrote Gremlins and directed by the guy who directed Superman and Ladyhawke. That was enough for me and my movie geek friends.

    Now it turns out that in November, the 25th anniversary DVDs are coming out (25 years...gulp!)

    And what a cast! Sean Astin, Josh Brolin, Corey Feldman, Martha Plimpton, Joey Pants and Robert Davi!

    Thanks for the memories!

  5. Given the derision with which Ghoulies is held by the general critics and scifi/horror geeks alike, I think your Mum made both the family-friendly and ultimately artistically more stasfying choice in taking you to see "The Goonies", which is probably the 2nd greatest kids film of the 80's (I reserve 1st place for the woefully under-valued "The Monster Squad").

  6. my mom once told me i was going to see the pound puppies movie only to see crocodile dundee 2 (i was like 6 and was a huge fan of the first one so it worked out for everyone)

  7. I loved The Goonies and still do, I was 12 when it came out. "Never Say Die!"

  8. I was 21 when "The Goonies" came out, and I loved it. It reminded me a lot of the Little Rascals I grew up watching.

    Never had an interest in seeing "Ghoulies." Oh well.

  9. I remember seeing The Goonies when I was a senior in high school. Josh Brolin's first movie, which made him the first 'Brandon Walsh'!

  10. haha, I was just thinking of The Goonies movie a few weeks ago without provocation and how I wanna watch it again sometime. Now I shall have to find a copy! lol.

    Was a cute story, thanks for bloggin it. Moms are awesome sometimes :)

  11. When I first saw The Goonies it was in spanish. Yeah, here in Spain they dub the films (and the series, and pretty much everything), so there was no option (neither I cared of that, since I was 7).

    Anyway, I didn't realize until the DVD (and it's original english track), but the scene when Mouth is translating to spanish was dubbed to italian here (it would have been kinda strange to see him translating from spanish to spanish, so they changed it to italian).

    It was funny to see Feldman trying (and not too hard) to speak spanish. Some phrases are hard to understand!

    Anyway, a classic. They don't make films like this anymore. Films like Explorers, E.T., Flight Of The Navigator, Mac And Me... stories about regular kids who get involved in a extraordinary adventure.

    Now it's all about kids with super powers or incredible devices doing super cool things and living a... regular adventure. Well, maybe extraordinary, but since they are all cool it's like everyday life for them, so... regular. ;)

    Anyway, I think a was fortunate enough to watch this movie in the right time.

    If it's good enough for you, it's good enough for me. ;)

    Oh, by the way, thank god they left the deleted scene of the dancing octopus out of the movie. It was awful!!!!!

  12. I met your mum, Amber, when I was visiting LA and had arranged to buy the DVD of Chance. (This was back in 2003 or so? You had just broken a toe or something, right in the middle of pilot season.) Anyway, your mum was lovely and warm and so very, very proud of you, and I loved reading this anecdote! (I also really liked Chance!) I had forgotten all about Ghoulies. Probably just as well...

  13. Moms can be clever that way.

    I was probably too old to appreciate _The Goonies_. I just kept asking myself "Why is the music so loud?" and "Why did they do *that*?" But I'm so glad *you* have it.


  14. I feel very unfortunate. I think I've only seen Goonies once. I don't even remember much about it.

  15. I was obsessed with Goonies! I remember going to see it at the drive in for my birthday! My friends and I used to 'play' Goonies all the fact I don't remember playing anything else with that particular group of friends! We dressed up and even recreated Data's Slick Shoes with straws put down the back of one of our friend's pants...he got soaked! I lived on the outskirts of town and there was new construction surrounding us...including new sewers! We used to play down there in the dark pretending we were in the caves from the movie.

  16. Joe aka AmberAddictJune 13, 2010 at 2:36 PM

    I've never heard of Ghoulies or the Goonies is that terrible?

    I think your Mom was very clever so when did she finally let you watch the Ghoulies?

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  18. hahaha! This story makes me laugh. And remember all the funny and wonderful things that my mother did for me when I was growing up. Now I want to rent Ghoulies and The Goonies and compare them myself. LOL

  19. Your description of Alabama about sums it up. To use a much used phrase down here, "It's hotter than blue blazes". THE GOONIES is one of those films I always see from the mid-point. Not sure why that happens. I've seen that particular portion at least a dozen times. I think I need to put my Netflix account to use and break the chain.

  20. I love the fact that with only a couple of sentences, you hit Alabama on the nose.

    And it's pretty much still the same way.
    Once you exit the Bham city limits, nothing but forests and fields up and down I-65.

    And the heat?
    The heat is as strong as ever, opening the door to the outside is about the same as running into a brick wall.

    Hope it's cooler over thatta way ;-)