Sunday, March 7, 2010


Just wanted to give the head's up that I will be vlogging and answering questions at Bitten By Books tomorrow! I am giving away copies of Cat's Claw and I will also have two special prizes:

1) A personal phone call from me where you get to ask me your own 5 questions about Cat's Claw and the writing process!

2) A full read and critique of someone's unpublished manuscript!

Come say hi all day tomorrow!


  1. Why amber you clever Minx, those are amazing prizes! ;)

  2. Looking forward to throwing a couple of questions your way tomorrow.

    Also wanted to say that I LOVE the new book, and can't wait to read the next one!

  3. Haven't you thought of having the book translated to spanish? It's a great excuse for you to come to Monterrey, MX... And it may be easier for many mexicans to get a copy of your books =D
    Greetings from Mty =)

  4. Hey! Just wanted to say the Vlogging/ Q & A thing was fun yesterday. Thanks for answering all those questions. :o)

  5. I would have come if I could. That is an amazing second I would have like to have won. It would have been freakin awesome to have you read my book. But anyway just thought you should know you are really talented and i'm sure you have so many people tell you that and I doubt you will even see this but i'm a fan and good luck with all future projects.

  6. 2nd prize is an amazing one...someone is really lucky. Wish it could have been me. I could use some input. Anyway love all your stuff movies, writing, all of it. sorry I know this is lame but I wanted give praise to you and your talent.

  7. Yeah, so who won the prize(s) I"m assuming it wasn't me because I haven't heard anything...

  8. I just finished Cat's Claw this morning (and burned my way through Death's Daughter yesterday).

    I really enjoyed both books - especially since Death's Daughter made me laugh; in public, on the bus. Everyone on the #10 Granville here in Vancouver now thinks I'm nuts.

    I can't wait to read the next one!

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