Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Triangle Tara Wants to Come Home With You

So many people have responded to the Triangle Tara Promotion that it's amazing!

Though it seems like a lot of people want to help out, they don't have the dough this year. Triangle Tara came up with a great idea for them:

Donate $10 or more to the LA Food Bank by midnite (pacific time) tomorrow nite (11/25) and then email your receipt (proof of donation), name and address to bensonentertainment@hotmail.com. We will put all the names in a hat and then Triangle Tara will pick out three names to receive a free signed and personalized Triangle Tara doll.

This way everybody gets to help out.


  1. Now that sounds like a great idea. Everyone, get a donating :)

  2. Nice! Though beware, Tara may get upset at you writing "nite" whenever it is supposed to be "night" ;)

    I have the doll, so I'll donate but I'll stay out of the game. I wish your operation to succeed.

    You rock M'lady!

  3. This is awesome. Amber, you are awesome.

  4. If only I'd known. Only just read the blog post!

    A x

  5. Just wish I could spare the money right now; certainly there are lots of hungry people where I live as well (plus, I think I have more than enough Tara figures...5 if you count the Christmas ornament and the minibust...I really didn't mean to sound creepy-stalkery with the statement).

    A while back I believe I suggested you should try documentary filmmaking (using your "Buffy" notoriety to produce a doc about modern-day wiccans and pagans would be a blast sometime down the road); perhaps you should try a Michael Moore-ish project to illustrate your point (obviously, Michael Moore himself would be wrong for a doc on the plight of the hungry...I should talk, but at least I can partially blame a thyroid condition).

    Have a good week.

  6. I would love to help, but it´s a little bit of a problem for me since im in Sweden studdyng so i can´t afford a doll:(
    But I hope that everyone who can will by one:)

    And please Amber, come to Sweden. I bet you have a lot of fans here who want´s to meet you, including me:D

    Have a nice week!:]

  7. AMBER!! :) I don't know if you read these comments but if you do...I have a message for you. Just wanna say THANK YOU! Thank you for playing Tara on Buffy! I can relate to her so much and to her and willow's relationship! You're a complete inspiration to me! I think you're so talented! Fantastic actress, singer, author, director, writer! You can do it all! I have your Death's Daughter book and I love it! I also would like to ask if you're going to be coming to the UK anytime soon?!! I would love to meet you at a convention or something :)

    PS The Tara Triangle doll thing is really lovely. It's a great cause!! I will see if I can get the money together :)

    LoVe RaChEl xxx (crazyrach@hotmail.co.uk)

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  10. Since I am a recent fan of Amber and I got a little time on the blog I wanted to know what actually TARA and triangle?