Monday, November 23, 2009

Triangle Tara Dolls for Charity: or How Tara Helped Feed The Children

Food is important. It tastes good, it smells good, it makes your stomach stop rumbling when you're hungry and, oh, yeah, without it, you would die. It seems like the kind of thing you wanna have on hand at all times, filling up your refrigerator, stocking up in your pantry.

So, how is it humanly possible that someone in the United States of America, one of the wealthiest countries in the world, could be going without it? It's absurd, right? Everyone has access to food. It's a God given right, right?

Uhm, actually, no, it's not. There are lots of people out there who don't know where their next meal is coming from because, sadly, this absurdity is a stark reality.

When I told Triangle Tara about this, she got really upset. She didn't know this was happening. You see, she lives in my storage unit with a bunch of her Triangle Tara girlfriends and she hasn't really had access to the world at large in a long while, so it was a bit of a shocker.

But, happily, she didn't let those bad vibes get her down for too long. She immediately came up with a great idea to help out:

For the next week: Sunday the 23rd of November thru Sunday the 29th of November, Triangle Tara will be available for sale for $100 bucks - with all proceeds from the week going to the Los Angeles Food Bank. Triangle Tara and I will include a personal note to everyone who participates in the project and I will also sign and personalize Triangle Tara, too!

Here is the website with all the info!

* Once the week is over, Triangle Tara will go back to being available for $125 with half of all proceeds going to The Los Angeles Food Bank for the months of November and December.

Help Tara fight Hunger…one doll at a time.


  1. A very worthwhile cause. Sadly this close to Xmas a tara doll is a bit out of my price range but I will make a donation to the food bank. Hope that is okay?

  2. ok, i need $100 FAST...roar

  3. To buy another one or not... Oh gee!

  4. I'll echo Ronnie_ASA's statements; that's a big expense for the product ( even if most of it is going to charity ), but I definitely agree about the necessity of helping the hungry, and since I live in Los Angeles, a Food Bank donation will be very feasable for me.

  5. I have a nice home.
    I have plenty of food.
    I have many lovely things.
    There have been bad times.
    But mostly, there have been good times.
    And I often forget that there are lots of people out there who sleep under a cardboard box and rummage through trash bins for a single scrap of anything even remotely edible.

    Thank you, Tara, and Amber :), for reminding me.

    Sodas, deserts, going to the movies, painting the town red, etc.. all these things add up very quickly. I can drink a glass of water, walk past the cookie aisle and stay home to read a good book (like Death’s Daughter :)).


  6. Every year for the past three years (Thanksgiving & Christmas) I've gone to "The Well of the Desert" where I helped serve the homeless. It's so wonderful to help!! I love Tara and I've always wanted an action figure. I already have a Willow action figure. Lol. So, this is a plus!!! It's for a great cause!I'm hoping I'll be able to contribute!!! I'm excited to help anyway I can! It's great you are doing this, Amber/Tara!!!!! Lol!
    Jane Harvey

  7. I'm only about 6 years out of the shelter system myself and, while stable, still not secure, and I can say first hand, what we got was (generally!) appreciated.

  8. Amber,
    Your generosity and compassion know no bounds so you only need ask and my money is yours.
    Triangle Tara is coming home to Iowa again.
    I have one from your "LL&L" investment fundraiser as well.
    All the best,

  9. Hi, just wanted to clarify something as I'm not sure I was clear in ymoriginal post.

    I do not think the doll is over-priced. In fact given the asking price for similar figures its a steal at $100 (or $125). All I meant was that $100 was a bit much for me which is why I have given a link in my own blog for people who wish to make a direct donation. here is the link to make a donation direct to The Food Bank:

    Hope anyone and everyone who cna help will help.

  10. Yes in this Country sadly we have many that go hungry that should not. Any size donation does help a great deal as does time you can spend helping from helping giving out to those in need to office work everything is needed and appreciated.

    Wayne Clingman

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