Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Spent the morning watching a serial killer/horror film. Actually, I made a bagel and coffee, put the kitchen rug in the wash and refilled the toilet paper roll in the bathroom - so maybe when I say I was "watching" a film that might be a wishful turn of phrase. What I realized during this process was: regardless of where I came back into the story (from whichever little task consumed me) I knew exactly what/where/why/who was happening in the film. At one point, I even had the sound on mute and I could totally follow along.

Is this because I've seen so many of these movies that I'm jaded or is it that these films have become so rotely made that anyone with half a brain can discern the plot structure immediately? I don't know, maybe I'm being too hard on the genre. Maybe I expect more than they are able to deliver and I should just shut-up about it and be glad these movies exist and that I'm not being forced to watch bad Jennifer Aniston romantic comedies until I barf.

All that watching this film did today was make me want to create something better myself. Not sure if that's possible, but mediocrity definitely inspires.