Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My Eyes Are Your Eyes

When I say that you can use the internet to get your writing out there, I mean it.

Let's share a story. My story. About Jonah and the whale.


Jonah was named after the man in the whale, but he did not actually meet a real whale for a very long time.

He had seen them on the Discovery Channel and had even once heard a tape that a girl he knew had which played whale sounds. The girl used it to fall asleep at night. Jonah didn’t have trouble falling asleep so he had no use for the tape other than it did make him think about his name some, but that was all.

Jonah often wondered why his parents had named him Jonah – was it because of some misplaced religious interest? No, Jonah’s mother said, religion had nothing to do with it. When he asked her to explain further, she just shook her head, a small, strange smile on her face then she went back to ironing his father’s shirts.

When Jonah was twenty, he was invited to go along with a friend to Sea World. He had never been to Sea World before, but because the friend promised a free ticket, he decided that he probably needed to go. He didn’t think about meeting a whale. In fact, whales were the furthest thing from his thoughts.

He had just graduated from high school – a year late, but that was because he had trouble with Maths – and he did not know what he was going to do with his life. He had never really thought about life after school. School had seemed like a prison that would never end and then suddenly it was over and he was free.

Jonah was not the kind of person who did well with freedom, but he didn’t know that about himself. He actually believed himself to be the opposite, in fact. It wasn’t until school was done and he was left to his own devices that he discovered how incredibly uncomfortable he was with his freedom.

That was the other reason he had accepted his friend’s free ticket to Sea World. It was an interesting way to fill up an otherwise free day.

He woke up early the Friday of the trip to Sea World and brushed his teeth twice. He had discovered at an early age that the number two was magical, so he tried to do everything important in twos. That meant he always washed his hands twice, wiped his mouth at supper twice, smiled at people twice…the list went on and on, but it was such a part of his life now that Jonah didn’t even recognize it anymore. He just did it.

Other people looked at him funny when he smiled at them twice, but he had such a sweet, innocent face that they dismissed his strange behavior and smiled back. This exact thing happened when he gave the woman at the entrance to Sea World his free ticket. She paused then smiled back. Her exact thought was: “What a strange young man, but he looks harmless.”

She was right. Jonah was harmless. What no one knew – not even Jonah – was that after that day no one in the entire world would ever think of Jonah as harmless ever again.

He followed his friend through the crowds of tourists, mostly little kids holding hot dogs and balloons at the same time. Everywhere they went Jonah saw more and more hot dogs and balloons, but after a while he decided that that was okay because they were in pairs. As long as he didn’t see a lone hot dog or a single balloon, everything would be all right.

At one o’clock Jonah lost his friend in the crowd. He didn’t mind at first because he had found a place where sharks came up to a large convex window in a pretend coral reef and stared at him. Jonah liked their silvery unblinking eyes and the way their teeth overlapped. He tried to count one Tiger shark’s teeth, but the shark moved away from the window before he could finish. He stayed at the window for a long time because every time he thought it was okay to leave another shark would come to the window to say hello.

Finally, after what seemed like a lifetime no more sharks came up to greet him. He waited for two minutes and when no new shark took the last one’s place, Jonah made his escape.

That was when he realized he was alone, that his friend was long gone.

He sat down on a bench near a sign that had a clock on it. The unmoving hand on the clock was pointed at the number two. This made Jonah feel better. His eyes followed a large red arrow on the sign that pointed east. There, he saw a long line of people waiting for something. Since two was a magical number and Jonah couldn’t resist it, he got up and went to the back of the line.

He got yelled at immediately. He realized that he had gotten the line confused and that the back was really the front, so he went to the front of the line (that was really the back) and stood behind a bald man and a little girl. The little girl did not have a hot dog or a balloon, but there was paint on her face: a star on her right cheek and a fish on her left.

He tried not to stare at the little girl with the double-sided face, but it was hard for him. She looked up at him and he smiled at her twice.

She did not smile back.

The line started moving and Jonah followed it inside to find a big open-air pool with bench seats growing up all around it. Jonah sat down at the end of one of the benches beside the bald man and the little girl. His seat was wet, but since no one else seemed to mind, he pretended not to mind about it, too.

Once everyone was seated a woman came out from behind a big rock and she was wearing a black wetsuit, but no divers mask. Her long hair was tied back in a wet ponytail and her face was white with brown freckles on it.

She had a microphone in her hand and she started talking. Jonah found himself distracted by the little hot dog and balloon holding kids sitting quietly in their seats as they intently watched the calm, wet, watery face of the pool, but when the woman said the word ‘whale’ it was like a shot of pure adrenaline to his psyche and he looked up instantly, his distraction gone.

There, not twenty feet in front of him, was the most beautiful creature Jonah had ever seen in his life. He knew what it was because of the Discovery Channel and the picture on the tape the girl he knew had, but in truth, he would have recognized it anyway.

It was his soul mate.

It was a killer whale.

He started to stand, but the lady behind him hissed at him to sit down again, so he did. He sat rigid in his seat for the next twenty minutes as he watched the woman in the wet suit put the whale through its paces. The woman had the whale jump through a hoop and she made the whale swim backwards on its tale. Finally, as the climax of the show, the woman in the wetsuit got into the water and then rode on the back of the whale around and around the edges of the pool, sending waves of water crashing out of the tank to douse the audience.

The whole exhibit made Jonah sick. It was like he didn’t want to watch it, but at the same time, he couldn’t make himself stop watching, either.

When the show was done and the rest of the crowd was filing out, Jonah remained in his seat. The people around him, especially the bald man and the little girl, were annoyed with him for not moving, but when everyone realized he was staying put, they climbed down to the next row of bleachers and exited that way.

Finally, only Jonah remained. He didn’t know what to do, so he just sat there. A man in a blue jumpsuit, carrying a garbage bag asked him to exit the theater, but Jonah ignored him. The man got more insistent and Jonah got up and pretended to walk toward the exit, but when the man’s back was turned, he walked over to the edge of the pool and stuck his hand in the water.
He moved his fingers around like seaweed, hoping to attract the whales attention, but before anything like that could happen the man in the blue jumpsuit grabbed a hold of his shirt and pulled him away from the edge.

Jonah was forcefully ejected from Sea World and had to go and stand by his friend’s car until the park closed.

His friend was angry with him for wandering off and swore that he would never invite Jonah anywhere again. Jonah didn’t care. Jonah had spent his time waiting by the car deep in thought and those thoughts had led him toward a course of action that would have very deep and lasting ramifications…only Jonah didn’t know that at the time.

Jonah was very pleased with his plan because it not only gave him a direction for his life, but it was selfless, too.

That night he began his planning in earnest. He did not share the plan with anyone. Not his mom or dad or the girl with the tape of the whale sounds that she used to go to sleep at night. None of them had the slightest idea what Jonah was planning, but it wouldn’t have mattered anyway. Jonah was on a crash course with his destiny and no one could stop him.

He did not go back to Sea World for fear that he would be recognized by the man in the blue jumpsuit and ejected again. Instead, he bided his time and sent positive thoughts to the whale in its clear blue pool. Two months went by and on a night that seemed auspicious because it began with a T – Tuesday – Jonah set his plan in motion.

He put on a pair of black pants and a long sleeved black t-shirt. He slid a black woolen cap over his hair and applied his dad’s black shoe polish to his face so that he became unrecognizable, a shadow of his former self. He grabbed a black garbage bag from the freezer and slung it over his back.

He left his house and locked the door behind him, quietly, so as not to wake his parents. He walked two miles to a construction site he had passed every day during his last two months of school. He threw the garbage bag over the top of the chain link fence, then followed it, ignoring the rip he heard when his pants got caught on the barbed wire at the top. He found his way to the foreman’s office and almost busted the window to get inside, but something stopped him and he tried the door instead. It opened right up.

He found the keys he was looking for on a pegboard and took them. The earthmover was waiting for him like a silent dinosaur. He climbed aboard and put the key in the ignition. The yellow dinosaur started up without protest.

Jonah drove the earthmover across the construction site, avoiding all the open ditches with their rebar bones. When he got to the gate, he put the earthmover in park and hopped off to unlock the gate then he climbed back on and took off down the darkened street.

Jonah avoided the highways, taking side streets instead. He tried to steer clear of the streetlights, but accidentally hit one anyway. He liked the feel of the wind on his face as he drove the earthmover through the blanket of darkness that gave him cover. The only problem was that the shoe polish he had smeared on his face made his skin itch and no matter what he did, he could not keep it from getting all over his hands and the steering wheel.

Sea World was closed when Jonah got there. That did not deter him. He just crashed through the gate and continued onwards.

Everything looked different than he remembered. It was night now and he had only been to Sea World once. Luckily, he found the shark tank and from there was able to find his way to the whale pool. He drove the earthmover past the sign with the unmoving clock face on it and the arrow pointing east. He followed an imaginary line (with its back as its front) up to the pool with the bleachers growing up around it. He stopped at the edge of the pool and got down from the drivers seat. He peered into the pool, but could not see the whale anywhere.

He was not surprised. The whale did not know he was a friend. He opened up the black garbage bag he had brought with him and took out a long piece of tuna steak. He held it out over the water then slowly let it drop. It sat on the top of the water for a moment and Jonah thought it was going to float there forever, but slowly it began to drop to the bottom.

Suddenly, a dark whale head emerged from the darkness and snapped up the tuna in its giant mouth. Jonah pulled out another piece of fish and let it go. The whale came closer now, snatching the fish away almost as soon as it hit the water.

Jonah lured the whale toward him like this until it seemed comfortable with his presence. Then, without a word, Jonah climbed up on to the earthmover and started the engine. He pushed a button and the arms and scoop of the thing dropped forward into the water. When he lifted them again, the whale and its surrounding water had been caught inside.

Jonah, his catch in hand, turned the earthmover around and headed home.

The drive home was much faster. Jonah stopped to open the back gate to his parents’ house then he drove the earthmover into his backyard. He stopped directly in front of the family pool and released the whale into the water. He watched as it sunk to the bottom then suddenly came to life and began to swim around the tiled bottom in a frenzy. Luckily, it wasn’t a large killer whale, so it fit into the pool just fine.

Jonah watched it swim for a while then he climbed back on the earthmover and took it back to where it came from. When he got home, he washed his face twice in very hot water to get the shoe polish off then he climbed into bed and said his prayers twice before falling asleep.
That night he dreamed that he was in a pool, swimming around, but all he could see were the pale blue tiles that lined the pool’s walls. The walls were endless and no matter where he turned he could not escape them.

He realized he was trapped in a watery tiled grave forever.

When Jonah woke up, he went into the bathroom and brushed his teeth twice and washed his face twice, too. Then, with a spring in his step, he went out to see his friend the whale.

But all he found floating around the inside of his pool was a freshly bloating corpse.


  1. That's depressing. Well written, but depressing.

  2. Wow. That was different and strange but i liked it.


  3. I want to cry now.

  4. The first book of the Parables According to Amber? More please.

  5. Killer whales are actually dolphins, though.

  6. Now THAT is a short story! You got some skillz Benson. Really good stuff.

  7. At first I wasn't going to read this, but then i did. I like it. It's quirky.

  8. whoa Amber! lol, you haven't posted a blog in a very long time and you write this short story...that was awesome!!! please keep writing more short stories...more frequently!

    you're an amazing writer Amber =]


  9. I like it, it's dark, but i still like it. What I'm confused about is how Jonah seems so capable during parts of the story but so niave and childlike with others. For instance, he's able to form a plan to kidnapp a whale, including getting and driving a large peice of machinary... however, he doesnt understand the simple fact that household pools are chlorinated? Autism? Is this a story of an autistic boy?

  10. Nice. I like the way you used the language throughout the story, the repetition, to tie it all together, the friend with the tape, for example. Nice.

  11. I loved the ending ... i loved the whole thing!

    it's always the "Harmless" ones.

    Please write more. and thanks for Sharing.

  12. that was good stuff, i really really liked it, bravo.

  13. Painfully obvious. Or obviously painfull?

    And I think I know this Jonah dude!

    Thanks for sharing.

  14. The ending was very sad.

    I enjoyed reading it. I look forward to reading more of your work.


  15. I liked it.
    Quirky, yet a touch dark - I knew it wasn't going to end well.
    A stab in the dark that Jonah's mildly aspergic?

    Thanks Amber - keep 'em coming!

  16. The police followed a trail of devastation and carnage from the construction site where Jonah left the earth mover, through Sea World, to Jonah's house, as if the line's back were its front. They put Jonah's two hands into a pair of handcuffs. This comforted Jonah somehow in a way he would never understand. The police shouted at Jonah at first, which Jonah found unpleasant, but after Jonah smiled at the two of them twice each, they stopped silent for a moment, and then they began talking to him more softly, which Jonah preferred. The police then took Jonah to a low level security prison cell with nice ceramic tiles that were a soft shade of blue. Jonah liked that. He found prison to be a little like school had been, only there wasn't as much homework involved, and nobody ever asked him to do a math problem. Jonah was thankful for that.

    Some time after having been beaten up twice by fellow inmates who didn't like to see him smile, Jonah was moved from the prison to a psychiatric asylum. He didn't eat much, and spoke even less, but the workers and inmates of the asylum would note later that they always saw Jonah smiling. What Jonah never told him was that he was smiling because he found comfort in the fact that the whale was now free, and if they ever let him out of this place, Jonah was going to make all the whales free. Because now he had a purpose. Now he knew why his mother named him after the man in the whale. Jonah only lived to the age of twenty-two, one day shy of his twenty-third birthday, when he overheard his doctor telling another doctor that they would never let him out of there.

  17. I really enjoyed this story. I liked how it was just a little snapshot of this guy's life and a crazy thing that he did. I think you set him up well as someone who really is just a little off metally. I would have loved to see a little more is the way of him not thinking things though early in the story, but it still works without that.

    Keep up the great work. I look forward to reading what you write next.

  18. I love reading your writing Amber, hope you share more with us =)

  19. The first in a possible short-story collection?
    There are times when a novel is overkill (not your stuff, of course).

    By the way...and this is thanks to my reading "Inherit the Wind"(I identify as though I don't actually practice...I've a LOT of reading to do before I can feel comfortable with the idea of self-initiation...Wicca. If it makes you feel any better, I was into this "stuff" long before you first played Tara. To be honest, it was in fact several years before you were born, which in retrospect is so sad. And frustrating)...Jonah was not swallowed by a whale, but a "great fish." Admittedly, back in Biblical times it was doubtful anybody knew whales weren't fish, but still. I have heard stories of people in more recent times being swallowed whole by large sharks and surviving, albeit severely traumatized and "albinoized" and I've said too much. My bad. Enjoy your weekend.

  20. I'm confused.

    Can anyone explain to me what his parents think this significance of his name is? Because it seemed like his mom's refusal to answer hinted at said significance.

    Also, was he seeing through the whale's eyes at the end?

  21. I couldn't stop reading this,
    good job!

  22. I knew you were talented but WOW! Can't wait for more.

  23. I really liked the foreshadowing of doom when you gave Jonah that obsession with twos, juxtaposing him with Noah. So now, we have the guy swallowed by the whale and the guy who weathers the 40 day flood that wiped out all life on planet Earth all wrapped up into one neurotic man-child.
    But in the end, we're left with the demise of one beautiful creature who suffered and died because of one human's obsession.

    I actually have a short fiction blog if you wanna swing by and check it out.
    It's at:

    I've told others to submit their shorts as well, but as of yet, nobody has, so it's a paltry like five or six entries of my own, but worth checking out nonetheless.
    I liked MY EYES so much, I'm putting GHOSTS OF ALBION on the top of my to read pile. It's languished somewhere in the middle for months. You know what it's like being overwhelmed with tons of must-reads. But you are next.

  24. And again I have to correct myself...

    In my comment about your short story (reminiscent of some great Canadian short fiction I read in college), it says I identify as though not practice Wicca. Replace "as though" with "although" and it'll be more understandable.

    And thanks to another commenter; I'd almost forgotten that orcas are giant members of the dolphin family.

  25. I really enjoyed reading this. I would have to say this is the first time a short story ever "hooked" me in. It'd be great to have a collection of these. The disturbing tales that keep you guessing.


  26. ...


    well. that was not what i initially expected. although i came to expect it as the story went on.

    stories are like that sometimes.

  27. Kevin.A.McD@live.caJuly 23, 2009 at 3:48 PM

    Hey boss,

    I'm the self-correcting chap who identified himself as "KAM" in a recent comment; I forgot that there was another KAM out there in Amberland (where do I come up with these things?). Anyhoo, apologies to KAM-prime. Enjoy your weekend.

  28. I don't even know what to say. Beautiful and tragic. Your creativity never ceases to surprise.

  29. I haven't seen "The Wackness," so could you please explain what this "badoodie" you were annoyed out of is?

  30. I am writing a novel in progress on my blog.
    I think I might add a prologue.
    Do you think prologues are a good idea?

  31. Melodically written, and heart-breaking - I must say I wish for all animals to live forever in astoundingly jovial circumstances, and despite the contradiction to my sentiment I must still praise the work above - well done.

  32. That was a great story. Very heartfelt and emotion!

    I just wanted to say hello again after a long absence!

    Not sure if you remember, but we met at Dulles airport many years ago. I was one of those pesky security people. :D

  33. Thank you Amber
    That story was refreshingly awesome. The foreshaddowing, imagery and allusions definitely added to the depth of this dark tale.

    One thing that threw me off was when you wrote "...he climbed back on the earthmover and took it back to where it came from." I read quickly and assumed that he took the whale back to Sea World, and had to reread the passage when I got to the end.

    Otherwise this story would be a perfect read, in my humble opinion.

  34. Really interesting story. I loved the imagery. Such a different flavor than Death's Daughter.

    I don't have your e-mail so I wanted to let you know that our interview with you is up. CRAZY SEXY GEEKS Episode 1 -

    COMMON ROTATION IS A LIE will be mentioned in the next two weeks on our show. Thanks again for chatting with us, I do hope we meet again. And if you haven't read SUNSHINE by Robin McKinley, you really should. Cheers!


    (that was a good wow, but i have very little else to say, because i think now is ponder time.)

  36. that was immaculate, proud of you.

  37. That was intriguing.

  38. You should have started with "This is a true story that happened to a friend of a friend of mine" :P Well played! I like an ugly ending there's just too much "Happily Ever After" and not enough "Realistically Ever After." Keeps people on their toes.

  39. Read part one of your newspaper interview; it seems to me that you already are a mythologist, albeit the lay variety, via the rather good research you've done for your books (although it's now accepted that Boadicea was actually known as Boudicca; also, stage magicians in Britain are generally known as "conjurers"...not that I'm complaining). The next time you do a booksigning at a comics shop or convention, try to find an old underground comic called "Amazon Comics," which depicts the involvement of Amazons led by Penthesilea during the Trojan War. It includes an epilogue depicting a "scholarly discussion" between Joseph Campbell (yes, really) and an unidentified individual who looks like (but probably wasn't) William F. Buckley concerning the Homeric legitimacy of the story (was it "homerish" enough?) and whether or not amazons really did figure into the Trojan War (they were mentioned in other sources, but not in "The Iliad"; some mention of them is made in the modern-age novel "The Firebrand" by Marion Zimmer Bradley). They then make the mistake of doubting the idea of whether or not women, warriors or not, could really fight in a "man's war" front of some very pissed-off, somewhat pugnacious feminists. My description does not really do this justice; suffice it to say it is very funny as well as educational.

    Hope you're staying cool; when it's hot in August up in CANADA, I can only imagine what it's like south of (my)border.

  40. Oops; forgot to mention "Amazon Comics" was published by Rip-Off Press in 1972; the author/artist was Frank Stack (under the nom de plume of Foolbert, I don't know why). In 1990, Stack published a sequel titled "Amazons" for Fantagraphic Books; this time, Hippolyta (of Heracles/Hercules myth, "A Midsummer Night's Dream"--despite the apocalyptic ham quotient, the 1935 film version is an absolute must-see--and Wonder Woman fame)is introduced into the mix. Enjoyee!

  41. That rocked!!! I hope to see a Benson short story compilation on my shelf one day!

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  43. I wrote you on your Book Banter Ho! Dated April 20, 2009 really hope you read it!!!! (no, not no crazed fan you will understaind after you read)Our kids love your stuff!

  44. OMG!

    I had no idea where you were taking us with this (I was a little afraid of a "Free Willie" scenario) and was totally shocked! And amazed at how a short story could just pull me in like that. Thanks!

    I actually stopped by because I just read "Death's Daughter" and I wanted to say I really enjoyed it! Very original and very different! Death as the CEO of a company?! lol! I loved the way you've got Callie describing it as part of the natural process. It resonated with me this evening because quite by coincidence I re-watched the season 5 Buffy episode "The Body" today. Best retelling of a "natural" death (and its consequences on those around it) I've ever seen on-screen.

    Now I need to find something more cheerful to think about! I look forward to reading what kind of trouble Calliope gets into in the future! (hopefully with Runt back at her side).


  45. Impressive... I like the style very much in this one... it's strange & I feel like the writing is similar to how my mind work when writing. I really enjoy seeing a story that is so strange and that touches you somewhere you can't define.
    Did you write it all in one go?

    I would appreciate your comments on my strange story too :)
    Here is the link and it's linked to my name as well :

  46. we did visit sea world san diego and felt sad for every water lin[v]ing animal. what gives people the right to capture and impris[i]on other animals from this earth ?

  47. Different twist, but still very well written.

    Very talented, I am heading to read rest of your posts now.

    Thank you.x

  48. Hey boss,

    I noticed your comments on twitter about the, ah, rude behaviour during Obama's speech. Have to agree; while Canada's parliament isn't always a bunch of choirboys (and the English parliament...I'm half-English on my mother's side, quarter-Belgian on my dad's despite the surname and also part-Scots and Norwegian, with maybe a touch of Irish[I pretty much cover most of Northern Europe in my ancestry] an adventure in itself), this was just WRONG. There's a time to be partisan, a time to be cooperative and a time (now)to pull your heads out of your asses and get to flamin' work. Otherwise, the U.S.A. is going to continue to have the most advanced health care the year 1920.

    Given the wealth of material you're collecting on twitter, I'm surprised you're not using more of it in your blog (I complain only because I'm a mostly-unwilling luddite; I don't own a computer...right now, I'm writing you from a computer at the laundromat).

    Best to you and Adam, and much success for "Drones"(unless I've broken some sort of show biz taboo, in which case break a...oops. You already did that. Sorry)and your other projects.

  49. Just wondering...finished rereading your "Ghosts of Albion" novels and I was wondering: were Tamara and William Swift and their close relationship based at all on that of the author "George Elliot" and HER brother prior to their falling out (over her shacking up with a married man, not exactly cricket at any time but in Victorian times...)? Was anything like that planned for future "G of A" books, or was the climax of "Witchery" as far as you and Mr. Golden had planned to go? Just wonderin'.

  50. Noticed the haircut announcement on twitter; I'm sure you're cute as a button with the new 'do, but just remember that just because you CAN do it doesn't mean you HAVE to do it.

    Sorry, but early male pattern baldness (apparently for me it started at 17) has made it difficult to understand why anyone would deliberately "bald" themselves (please tell me you didn't go that far...).

    Enjoy your week.

  51. Dang. You ARE cute as a button with the shorter 'do. To be honest, I was afeared that you'd gotten the "Squeaky" Fromme part after all and...

    That being said and done, the new 'do means I can (I don't HAVE to, but what the hell) suggest a future biographical film project for you: early-'30s actress Zita Johann (who pioneered the "strong-willed actress" profession before Bette Davis, Katherine Hepburn or even Joan Crawford), a lady who LIVED, and had a fascinating career on and off stage & screen (although her opinion of the Hollywood actresses during her time there were...less than generous). She's probably best known today for appearing in DW Griffith's last (credited) directorial effort, as well as for being the female lead in the original (and superior in every way to the remake...CGI be damned)version of "The Mummy." The DVD of that film includes a documentary about the original Mummy series and has a title that even a pun-lover like myself kind of cringes at. There is an anecdote about Miss Johann that is very interesting; the punchline is "coming down was rotten," and the set up makes the whole thing...interesting.

    Anyhoo, I just wanted to pass along the idea. Do with it as you please, keep smiling, and best of luck with the continuing adventures of Calliope.

  52. Again, twitter is fun & easy, but we fans here @ the blog wuv you too (I cannot believe I stooped to "wuv"'ve reduced me to "cutesy.";)

  53. You should write more blog stories! Once printed, they make wonderful break reading and are easily portable :)

  54. You have GOT to be popular to get that many comments from people!

  55. Wow. That, was strange, lovely, and kinda haunting. Thanks for sharing.

  56. Whoa. This was extremely disturbing, but very well-written. Sorry for the late comment, but I only started following your twitter today. I've got to add, this story got me really hooked from the beginning. You're such an awesome writer!

  57. Read this a while back and loved it. You are so talented, but I remembered your encouragement to get stuff on the net. Not nearly a fraction as talented, but was motivated enough to finish my story (at least part 1). It can be found at if anyone is interested.

    Thank you so much for sharing and just being you.

  58. why is it, philippines dont have a copy of your book??? :)

  59. okay, perhaps I'm odd, but I had to laugh a little as I read the last lines.... But then, I suppose that momentary shock of the image of a corpse could do that... Since they say that we laugh when we're surprised.

    Anyhow, interesting little bit, thanks for posting.

  60. Next up, the story of "Jonah and The Whale By-Products"?

    Do you think it would be too late to salvage any of that tuna steak?

  61. Great writing as usual but kinda sad for the whale though

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