Sunday, May 24, 2009

More Fun To Be Had by All

As I watch a very interesting program on The History Channel about the Freemasons, I will also blog. Who says that you can't do two things at once?

I have three upcoming East Coast and Midwest signings for Death's Daughter:

Friday, June 19th at 7pm
Pandemonium Books and Games
4 Pleasant Street
Cambridge, MA 02139
with the amazing Christopher Golden
and the fantabulous Tom Sniegoski

Monday, June 22nd at 4:30pm
Challengers Comics and Conversation
1845 N Western Ave
Ste 2R

Chicago, IL 60647
(between Cortland St & Moffat St)

Saturday, June 27th at 3pm
Midtown Comics
200 W. 40th Street
New York, NY 10018

If anyone is looking for signed copies of Death's Daughter, Mysterious Galaxy Books has them in stock. I was there for a signing with Chris Marie Green and signed some then, so I vouch for their authenticity.



  1. Gah! you never come to England!

    I couldnt even get the book here, i had to buy it online!

  2. Hiya AB, Just finished death's daughter ! LOVED IT! Keep em' coming, please! Hey I stalk errr,,,, I, I, Mean follow you on twitter (,lolol,) j/k , I saw that your heading to the "other" coast, for book signings,,, Please , please, please ? are you coming anywhere near the Tampa Bay area?
    Sue in Tampa :)

  3. Would love for you to come to the UK for a signing!

    Will you be doing this at collectormania?


  4. I have a friend who's a freemason and he let me into his lodge to take photos, once. I uncovered their darkest of plans and now they've got hired assassins after me. Heed my warning and do not seek knowledge of their limitless evil.

    The photos:

  5. Any chance of something in the Seattle area?

  6. How about a stop to State College, Pa? You have lots of fans here!

  7. branwenofeire@hotmail.comMay 24, 2009 at 6:02 PM

    Hey Amber! You might want to mention to fen who are planning to attend the Pandemonium Books signing that their management is requesting an email ahead of time, so that he can get a head count. No idea if this is SOP or just something for you, Christopher & Tom's lovely selves, but I thought it'd be a good idea to give a heads-up!

  8. You Are Always welcome in Dutch Harbor/Unalaska AK!! I'll Get them to take you and the B/F out on one of the Boats from Deadliest Catch!!

  9. Argh!

    So close and yet...

    Chitown's the closest you've ever been to my Frozen Tundra state, aside from that brief weekend in Detroit back in '05. (I was the dweeb who brought up your notorious Bronze post.)

    I bought the book last month when I was in Madison for the Midwest Horse Fair, and read it in about a week - I couldn't put it down! I'm looking forward to the other two books.

    I know what it's like to start doing research into mythology and get all caught up in it - I have pages of info printed out on Celtic mythology for a "Buffy" fic I wrote, and I wrote a Christmas story where Willow uses a Pegasus to try reaching Tara's soul after reading DJ Conway's "Majickal Mystical Creatures."

    Always a fan -

  10. Woohoo! Glad to see you're coming back to the Hub. I'll be at Pandemonium with bells on.* Any chance you'll have the time/energy to stop by the local Can't Stop the Serenity screening that night?

    *I will not be wearing actual bells.

  11. Waits to hear of any signing dates close enough to me.
    I've been able through the Chapters Bookstore here to order in your books :) Can't wait to begin reading.
    Sorry about your fishie :(

  12. A UK signing would be amazing. I missed you signing the Wanna Blessed Be at Liverpool Forbidden Planet a few years back, found out the day afterwards and been kicking myself ever since.

  13. Watching a special on the freemasons, eh? My father was a mason (his lodge was responsible for the rebuilding the downtown Victoria, B.C.-gah! I've given you a clue about where I live!! Some "anonymous" I turned out to be!!!-synagogue) and my mother was a member of a related organization, the Eastern Star. I myself was for a while (I'm not really much of a joiner, and to make matters worse the chapter was already going downhill when I was brought in) a member of a related youth group...the DeMolays, not the Job's Daughters-gah again, this time I left a clue to my GENDER! All this means in relation to the program you were watching is: don't believe the sensationalism or rumours.

    I was finally able to watch (and listen to!)your "Macarena" video. It was a lot of fun with you belting the song and shaking your caboose (in a ladylike manner, of course), with Common Rotation apparently acting like Devo if they had been raised by Mariachi beatniks. Unless that's how they normally perform, in which case...oh dear.

    And what's this about your fishie?

  14. Ok, Can not Leave the Comments at 13.......Yucky Number!

  15. Hi Amber. Ok here is the question. How do I get your book in ARGENTINA?, yes, that lovely southamerican country that I like to call home. Well I had to ask. :)

  16. One last question regarding your "Macarena" video: any chance of your performing "La Vida Loca?"(imagine the evil little costuming choices you could make for Common Rotation this time...)

  17. I will definitely be at the New York signing! See you there! :)

  18. Hey boss,

    I was looking at a past comment I made in regards to "Death's Daughter," and realized I'd made a mistake that I hope did not bother you or worse, think "what a dillweed." My one beef with the book had been the implication that Pagans...and by extension Wiccans, with whom I identify after a thoroughly ass-backwards,forwards, upwards, downwards and sideways process...were hellbound in the Calliopeverse. I'd noted that you'd previously commented in interviews that you'd shown an interest and respect towards Wicca, "if not membership." Therefore the foulup: I had MEANT to say "but not" or "though not," instead of what "if not" implied. I am profoundly sorry, and you have my permission to tie me up and whup me (I'm not trying for a double or even single entendre; I'm not into bondage or masochism, so that really would be punishment. On second thought, perhaps just having your boyfriend sing "Creature of the Night" in what you were almost wearing in that "Rocky Horror Anniversary Special" on YouTube would be sufficient. More than sufficient...).

    Did have one idea you may want to ponder: why not take the numerous ideas you no doubt have for the stage, TV and movies and test them out as no-budget skits on YouTube, establishing a copyright for them at the same time (unless, of course, my understanding of copyright law is on par with Dubya's and Gov. Palin's understanding of the separation of church and state...).

    Belated condolences on your l'il Maccabee...

  19. dang, if only you were in boston the same weekend as anime boston, i would have been able to get my copy signed <_<

  20. Did it again...(dang contraption doesn't just need a spellchecker, it needs a grammar checker. Or I need more time to edit my stuff)

    I meant to write, "belated condolences in regard to your l'il Maccabee."

    Yeesh. Sorry for taking up still more space...

  21. I hope you have a fantastic time at the signings Amber. I'm looking forward to your visit to Scotland in August.

  22. Hey there. \o/
    Just to tell you that I bought "Death's Daughter" last week. YAY! I'm still reading it though. It took like 5 weeks for the book to arrive here (I'm from Brazil).
    Anyway, I'm loving everything that you wrote and I can't wait to see what happens to Calliope and everyone.
    By the way, I'm sorry about your fish.

  23. I finished Death's daughter a few weeks ago and would love to get a signed copy of it. Any chance of you comin to Virginia any time soon?

  24. Will you be coming to Southern AZ at all this year?

  25. You aren't going to abandon us to twitter, are you? Flamin' technology...bad enough when I upgraded to DVD (still use the VCR instead of a DVR), now we have Blu-Ray--and don't get me started on TV antenna broadcasting abandoning analog. That's a disaster waiting to happen (not to mention a conspiracy against those who aren't able to upgrade...hopefully I'm overreacting).

    That being said, what's this about your aunt finding something in your family history connected to witchcraft?

    Enjoy your weekend.

  26. Egads! I may just be in Boston June 19th!
    Oh, this will make my month. And to top it off I just purchased a copy of Death's Daughter this week! Pristine conditions apply to be signed by you, of course, so no corner-folding for me.

    Thanks a bunch,


  27. Hey Amber, I'm planning to be at the NY signing. Looking forward to checking out your book.

    Main reason I'm posting was just to let you (& everybody else) know of something going on in NYC while you're here. The NY Asian Film Festival is running down in the Village. They show a lot of crazy and weird stuff. Their schedule's here: The highlight stuff on Friday & Saturday night is kind of insanely bloody over-the-top Japanese shlock.

    But they have a wide range of films overall. The movie descriptions are in other places on their blog - I think they're supposed to have the official site up tomorrow.

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  29. No comment on the above, but about your latest twitter...back from outer WHERE? Keep us in the loop, woman!

  30. Amber Hello I am a Brazilian fan
    love your work
    I would get an autograph by mail?

  31. I hope you have a good signing tomorrow. They're expecting a big turnout. I purchased your book and am looking forward to reading it.

  32. I don't imagine you could divulge anything about your new webseries...could you? (Imagine the "could you" in a teeny meek voice...) Anyhoo, best to you and yours, and welcome back home.

  33. Thanks for posting your Boston (Cambridge) signing pictures. After traveling all this way, it is nice to have a great turnout.

  34. UGH! I have been looking for your series forever... checking my favorite shops for it. Finally I was able to get them from Amazon... sadly they just don't have that ole 'factory presence, due to UPS shipping smells. Anywho, just wanted to say: even without the delightful smell of other books touching my book and the 30 minute drive used to collect these volumes... you have become one of my favorite authors. Yes ma'am. Right up there with Rice, Rowling, Lackey and even austin... yeah I know... dorky right.
    As I writer myself, I applaud you and your work, all of your work! You have a forever fan!
    btw... when are you coming to Orlando, Florida? We are just right around the corner from your home state... come on over!
    ~Brenna B

  35. Time for my regular apology...

    I misinterpreted your mentioning being @ LAX as meaning you were back from your book tour. Obviously, not the case. Me am dumb.

    At the risk of pushing my luck further, might I mention that we have bookstores up here in Canada? Didn't even have to special-order your's on the stands, and doing nicely.

    Enjoy the rest of the book tour; if it helps, just remember to pace yourself. Even if you have to force yourself to pace yourself (I never get enough sleep these days...)

  36. Amber, thank you SO much for coming to Chicago! Tara is one of my favorite characters on "Buffy," so meeting you was an absolute treat for a silly fangirl like me.

    I was number three in line, and you asked me where I got my "Buffy Will Patrol Tonight" shirt (from one of Giles' transparencies in "Hush"). Well, if you go to Amazon and search for "Buffy shirt," it's the one called "Hush: Buffy Drawing By Giles Women's Long Sleeve D."

    Again, thanks so much for coming to the Windy City. Please come back soon! :)


  37. You should think about pushing for a South trip! North Florida would love to have you :)

    Sami Anderson

  38. Amber! I wanted so badly to see you in New York but I was on a camping trip all weekend and couldn't make it. Much sadness. But! I wanted to say that if I HAD been at your book signing on Saturday then I would have said "You are so awesome" so I decided to just do that here instead. You're really cool! /awkward


  39. Any Chance on getting you doen to Richmond, VA or even the Washington DC area for a signing?

  40. Yo boss,

    I've noticed in the past that some of your fans (and yourself, apparently) have referred to themselves as "Amberholics." Now, the "holic" part never really appealed to me (personal reasons, and for the record I am a lifelong teetotaler--but not a prude; I wouldn't have mentioned that Austin Osman Spare painting a while back otherwise), so I decided to try "heavy Amberer"...but for some reason that sounded worse (although the "heavy" part is, sadly, way too accurate).

    Enjoy the rest of the tour and DON'T DRINK THE WATER! ANYWHERE! Well, in the States; as for Canada...(hee)

  41. Hi, Amber! I'm eagerly watching the mail to see if your new book comes to us ( for review. In the meantime -- and I'm sure you get asked this a lot, but I haven't been able to find an answer anywhere online -- are there any plans for more Ghosts of Albion books? Here's hoping!

  42. Give us a shout if you're coming to Kansas City.

  43. I´d love for you to come to Sweden:D that would be so cool^^ but your books can´t be found here:( i´ll have to buy them online...

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