Saturday, April 11, 2009

Living Theater!

This is so cooooooool!

The Disappearing Things of Bird Way


  1. ZOMG! Juice boxes! *flashes to Dollhouse*

    That's awesome. :D

  2. That makes me feel strangely sad, for some reason.

    Just the same, I'm on my way with a truck load. I'm a packrat who can't stand to throw anything away, but I don't have a problem with *giving* it away!

  3. Ah I do wish I had a Bird's Way...a nifty way to give away some of the stuff I've collected over the years that no longer are needed.

  4. It's a cool way to get rid of unwanted things.
    The juice boxes made me kind of sad though to think the person who took them must be pretty hard up if they have to resort to taking juice boxes left in the street.

  5. We left a fireplace outside once and it was gone in about ten minutes...we didn't even see it go, and it was massive!

  6. This made me giggle! We have a 'Bird Way' near us. It's funny watching the family 2 doors down the road carry various items into their house that you just KNOW they have collected from round the back. Amazing what tat people will pick up.

  7. Sometimes they do it even when it *isn't* a settled custom.

    But should you be giving out your location this way?

  8. Bobkat you should be posting that comment about the location on the other person's Blog.

  9. I want to put stuff in my driveway now and see how long it takes them to disappear!

  10. Love your humor.

    I moved back home to my hometown of Oconomowoc, Wisconsin from southern California. Bought an 1895 classic home to fix up on Main Street. I grab junk from my family and friends and tell them that it will be gone in less then.... when I put on the curb in front of my house.

    My personal favorite, this Christmas season, I placed an artificial Christmas tree on the curb. In less then 30 minutes someone took the, the....TREE STAND!?

    They left the tree.


  11. What a bloody brilliant idea. I fear I shall be visiting that blog daily.

    I have a navy shoe with a hole in it. I wonder if anyone would want that.

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