Thursday, April 23, 2009


Howdy Everyone!

I will be the guest of Hi De Ho Comics (Booth #318) and Sina Grace at the UCLA Festival of Books on Sunday April 26th, 2009 from 12-2pm.

If you come by and visit they will have Death's Daughter available for sale – and if you know the secret password you will get a surprise!

Oh, and while you're there don't forget to check out 826LA's "Teeny Tiny Vaudeville" at the ETC, STAGE from 1 to 3pm. If you do, you will see an awesome show culled from the minds of the amazing comedy duo Ben Acker and Ben Blacker (with the musical stylings of Adam Busch and COMMON ROTATION!) Yippee!

What was that? I forgot to tell you the secret password, you say?

It's a secret. One you have to guess. Check out the limerick below for the clue:

There once was a lady from Kent
who made time with both ladies and gents
She was an expert on Poe
and sucking toes
and coming where others had went

HINT: The secret password is not barbecue, nor is it's both!


  1. Ugh I cannot figure this out to save my life. is it just more or what. lol

  2. It's liquid smooth, and used on food. It makes dull bites seem tasty good.

  3. AH! The limerick confused me as to what the password was. Got it now though LOL

  4. I got the password, but not enough money for the flight to the USA. LOL!!

  5. Your limerick (and it seems you) are well described by the password. I don't think I'm going to make it from Boston, though.

  6. Well, I figured it out, but I don't think it will help me all the way in Pennsylvania.

  7. I'm going to the book fair, but can't figure it out. Another hint maybe?

  8. The password wouldn't help me unless it came with a plane ticket -- or better yet, a gas card with no limit!

    Which is fine, because I can't figure it out to save me life.

  9. Poe! I just got done watching Kung Fu Panda (again)! What are the odds!? ...whut? And I'm listening to Common Rotation as I type this! What are the odds!? ...whut? I can't make it to whatever you're talking about. I'm in Dallas. But I'll be with you in spirit. =)

    Go Death's Daughter! w00t!

  10. Hi Amber:)
    Are you going to tell us what the secret password is since the 26th has come and gone and I couldn't work it out to save my life. Also cause curiosity killed the cat what was the surprise you had for people with password?

  11. LOVED reading deaths daughter Amber - Im hoping it will have a sequel because it was fascinating! Your books are always worth waiting for :)

  12. "and sucking on toes".

    Sorry; I'm a scansion-monster, especially on limericks. :-)

    I hadn't realized you blogged; thanks out to GeekDad for pointout that you twittered.

    And the "couldn't we just skip all this" scene just resurfaced in the Grey's Anatomy season finale, amusingly enough. Best Moment.

  13. I think you should come to Sweden:D that would be so cool!^^
    because we never have any interesting celebrities here:/ and i can´t find your books any where:( is there any website that you can by them from?:)

    //Frida from Sedwen

  14. Loving the blog, had to comment on this one as I am a young woman from Kent. And come to think of it also... anyway, post some more short stories soon? Pretty please? xx

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