Monday, April 20, 2009

Cedric Hollows in: DIAL M FOR MAGIC

I just wanted to take a moment out of my busy day (sitting on my couch, phone to my ear, waiting for the City of Los Angeles Business Tax Office to kill the canned music and pick up the damn phone!) to tell everyone about my friend (and collaborator - he's doing the illustrations for my kid's book, The New Newbrige Academy) Sina Grace.

Sina is a comic book writer/artist and he just finished his first novel "Cedric Hollows: Dial M for Magic". If you're like me and you LOVE stories that are highly original (and totally fun to read), you should definitely check this book out.

It's a little bit noir, a little bit kookie and a whole lot of fun (with coolio drawings to boot)!


Ended up talking to the SWEETEST guy at the Tax Office and he fixed all my problems with a smile (figurative) and a wink (also figurative).


  1. I've heard of that book, the title alone has me. I'll have to add it to my growing list novels to read. My friend just tossed The Hobbit at me And Raven's Shadow By Patricia Briggs. Then there's a few Christoper Golden books I want to get my hands on, plus I have the Slash autobiography laying around making goggle eyes at me. heh. If I were to drown I think books would be the best way to go.


  2. I will have to make sure to give it a look, always searching for new stuff to read.

  3. Joe aka AmberAddictApril 20, 2009 at 1:33 PM

    Hey Amber I'm glad you got through to the tax office and they sorted your problem for you.

    I'm 26 so too old to read The New Newbridge Academy. Then again I don't care I'm loving Death's Daugher which I sill haven't finished it BTW sorry. I love a good spin off even if it isn't aimed at someome my age. I always try to support your work add to that the fact I'm a big kid LOL so I will be buying a copy!

  4. what a cool name for a book! love it :D

  5. i'll be checkin it out...literally. lol. as in from the library since i can't go out and buy it cuz i'm broke. lol. the library better have it...they usually don't have things that are related to magic or witchcraft since they're kinda close minded here. Funny thing is that they secretly like those kind of books. lol.

  6. *goes to GoodReads to add it to to-read list* Sounds cool.

  7. Then again, it doesn't look like it's on GoodReads (yet).

  8. My respect for my autographed copy of _Death's Daughter_ (and my fnafatuation with you) is so great it's almost the only apperback i own which doesn't have the marks of my teeth in it. (I get frustrated a lot.)

  9. I miss the days of a government with hold times. In Canada, we just get a computerized voice saying all lines are busy and to try again later. We don't even get the option of leaving a voice message!

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