Monday, April 20, 2009

BookBanter Ho!

Check out this mucho cool interview I did for BookBanter!

We did this at a coffee house in the middle of the afternoon. Everyone stared at us, but we just kept on talking. Damn you, staring eyes!

And here's another cool interview for you at B-Movie Man, staring eyes!

(God, I love the staring eyes) ::::::::


  1. Enjoyed the interview very much :)

  2. Great interview. As a mythological studies ABD, it was wonderful to hear your perspective on a feminine hero's journey. Have you seen Maureen Murdock's "The Heroine's Journey?". Your use of the creative mythic imagination is exactly the kind of writing that speaks to the problem of modernity.

    My best to you and all of your creative endeavors.

  3. Great interview. :) My wife and I can't wait to read your other work.

  4. Excellent! Thanks for the cranium's up.

  5. Sorry, lass, I don't do listening. If it's not in cold print someplace it doesn't exist for me.

    But wow, a woman who likes both mythology and quantum physics. Can you be any closer to perfect? (Umm that's rhetorical.)

  6. Joe aka AmberAddictApril 24, 2009 at 12:00 PM

    I listened to the interview last week I really enjoyed it.

    Of course there were eyes staring at you I'm sure they were suprised to the very talented and dare I say beautiful Amber Benson sitting in the same coffee house as them.

    The B-Movie Man interview was really interesting.

    Thank you Amber

  7. Hey Amber - Loved the interview & the books sound awesome! I just wanted to let you know about an author named Sherrilyn Kenyon, whose Dark Hunter series has a lot of mythelogical awesomeness. And she pulls in Greek, Roman, Atlantean, etc. pantheons. : ) I just had to share.


  8. I just wanted you to know I wrote you about my hubby being your cousin and said thank you for what you done for my kids a few years back at Christmas. I really like for you to get the email and read it (it is on My Space) and I added you to twitter also. I hope you get it and read it. God Bless!!

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