Monday, April 27, 2009


For those of you who were curious and couldn't figure out the secret password, here ya go!

If you click on the link in the limerick (it's Poe) and take a very close look at the pad that says "My Top Secret Passwords" across it, you will see the answer right there in the first password space.

What's not barbecue, nor chili...but both? SAUCE!

Happy Monday.


  1. Great guessing game, got any other riddles for us? :)

  2. Wow... I can't believe it took this long for me to figure it out! I eat crossword puzzles and cryptograms for breakfast and I couldn't figure it out. Good grief, I must be clocking in too many overtime hours ;o)

  3. haha! i knew it! i couldn't go to the actual event, but at least i had the password for it...

  4. Will you be doing any book signings in he uk?

  5. The answer is nigh? The answer was found a long time ago. It's 42. Don't you people read anything? Geez. :P

  6. Yay, I worked it out. :D
    Cool riddle!

  7. *making a fictionfiend-voodoo-doll*

    And the answer's "sauce" not 42...

  8. Awesome! It's been so long since I unintentionally offended someone on the 'net that I was concerned I had lost my touch. But now I get my very own voodoo--hey! Ow! OW!! MY EYE!!

  9. So, how WAS the signing? Did you have a visit from Juliet? Please tell!

  10. Ew. *avoiding fictionfiend's blood*

    What did you mean by 42? I can't get it out of my head.

    42 is a reference to a book series/radio show/movie called "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" by Douglas Adams.
    42 is The Answer to Life, the Universe and Everything.
    I recommend reading the books, but, for the instant gratification of a quick explanation, you can go here:

    And, oh yes, I am totally flying my big ol' geek flag. 8-)

  12. Unrelated subject, O Saucy One: A mention was made of Boston-area signings? Perhaps June-ish? Just wondered if there was any forthcoming word on that subject...

  13. Ah, you naughty little sauceress (not apologizin')...

    Saw your earlier "Boobs McBooberton" entry; not sure if I should really comment, being (to "quote" Marty Feldman from "Silent Movie") a mild-mannered pervert, but I do agree it is well past high time for real bodies to be appreciated again.

    Recently saw a print of a painting by mystic/artist/mystic artist Austin Osman Spare(still can't find the title, if it has one) of two women who are presumably both witches. At the risk of sounding like I'm trying to rehash old "Taratory"(again, not apologizin'...), they both bear, from different angles, a faint, at-first-glanceresemblance-only resemblance to--you(if it makes you feel any better, the original silent version of "The King of Kings" features early on a little blind girl with an absolutely spooky--it came out in 1927, after all--resemblance to Sarah Michelle Gellar, while Eliza Dushku could be a fraternal twin to '50s SF actress Faith[yes, really]Domergue...although Miss Domergue's hair was shorter, curlier and I'll shut up now).

  14. Following up on yesterday's entry (knowing full well that I'm digging myself an ever-deeper hole --which is okay, it's kind of cozy)about the A.O. Spare painting of the two ladies bearing a vague, at-first-glance facial resemblance to you: there are 2 books where said painting can be found: one, still in print, is Book of Lies: The Disinformation Guide to Magick and the Occult, edited by Richard Metzger and first published by the Disinformation Company Ltd. in Sept. 2003 (and as far as I know, still in print)--the painting is printed, albeit in black-and-white, on pg. 122. The other one, which I'm pretty sure is long out of print but can likely be found in a used-book store, is Witchcraft, Magic and the Supernatural: The Weird World of the Unknown, published by Octopus Books in 1974, author/editor unknown (or even acknowledged). There, the painting can be found in colour on pg. 97. In either case, you'll see why I confined their resemblance-of-sorts to you to their faces (hence the digging of the very deep hole...).

    To whomever is interested, Eliza Dushku's "Olson twin," '50s SF film actress Faith (again, yes, really)Domergue can be found in these two sample films: "It Came from Beneath the Sea" and "This Island Earth"(which was appropriated for heckling purposes in the movie version of "Mystery Science Theatre 3000."

    Once again, I shall quit while I am hopefully ahead. Have a nice day.

  15. Hi, I'm Dark Poet, you are following me for the Twitter... How you see, I have bloq also... I like your bloq... Your Tara's personage is fantastic... I'm sorry, my english isn't so good..

    ++DARK POET++

  16. Did something I almost never do: instead of waiting for the DVD to become available as a previously-viewed item, or for it to show up new at Wal-Mart or wherever, I actually rented "One-Eyed Monster."

    Best $6 (Canadian) I've spent in a good long while. While your performance as Laura (the only consensual,um, partner of the title, er, thing?) was never less than great, I was pleasantly surprised to see the terrific acting chops of Veronica Hart (and daughter), Charles Napier (a veteran of "Star Trek," "Philadelphia" and a few of Russ Meyer's oddly feminist 'breastaramas')and Da Man himself, Ron Jeremy. The man continues to give us hedgehogs hope...

    I don't imagine you'd be appearing in the implied sequel("Son of One-Eyed Monster?""Daughter of One-Eyed Monster?""Octomom of One-Eyed Monsters?"); still, like "Intermedio" this is a direct-to-DVD gem that will one day earn its Cormanesque cult status (that was supposed to be a bit more coherent, but I'm doing this on the computer at my office's lunch room, and it's almost time for me to go back.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  17. Lots of luck with the book Miss Amber. If you're ever over in Scotland there's a great comic emporium that would love to host a signing

    I don't work there by the way, it's just a great shop.

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