Sunday, March 1, 2009

a lil' something, something...

Here are a few links to some cool Death's Daughter interviews:

Buffyfest Part 1

Buffyfest Part 2

And check out Book Banter in April for another cool interview!


  1. Why were all these people so lucky to already have a copy of your book? Why isn't amazon flying my copy over as they would treat any other VIP, or should that be VIB (Very Important Book)???
    You really make me so freaking curious and I can't wait to get my hands on it!

  2. OH! i want to read that right now! damn the delay in shipping to Aus :(

  3. I love watching your interviews! I'm sorry, but I have to say--your facial expressions are adorable!! You make me giggle.
    I absolutely. can't. wait. to read the book. I love the concepts behind it and being both a mythology buff and a fan of Dante, I think I'll love it.

  4. Death's Daughter has landed in Dublin, Ireland
    Liking it a lot - there have been many giggles, and already some "oooh!" moments.

  5. Interviews are great AMber. Its nice to see the warmth you have for your fans and the passion for your work. Far better role model I think than many in the public eye.

    Ronnie AKA ASA

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