Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Ginjer/Amber - two crazy ladies in a hallway!

This makes me giggle.

What do you think, Golden? Giggle worthy?


  1. Really enjoyed that, Amber. After blog posts, Twitter, etc, it's nice to hear your voice in these clips.

    Hope all the upcoming signings go well!

  2. You look so giddy and proud to hold the book in your hands... Kudos.

  3. Made me giggle, for days after even. You and Ginjer are, as they say, righteous babes. ;)

  4. Such a down-to-earth talk. Love the easy back and forth. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Chris Golden called you slighly goofy - cute!

  6. I'm waiting to see how long it will take youtube to crash ;)

  7. So nice to see someone so proud of her work - can't wait to read the book. Heard you are coming to Glasgow in August - any chance on heading down to London too?!?

  8. Loved the videos thanks for posting the link. Ginjer seems like a lovely lady, hope she is feeling better now and her cold has all gone. xxx

  9. Joe aka Amber AddictMarch 5, 2009 at 3:26 PM

    As always look forward to your interviews intelligent and funny interview! I don't how someone as talented as you managers to stay so down to earth! I've ordered a signed copy of Death's Daughter from your LA signing tell your publishers you need some UK signing please! I only have two copies of it so far so there's is always room for a couple more! lol I'm really looking forward to The Killing Jar! If anyone hasn't seen Amber's episode of "The Inside" it's fantastic!

  10. I'm surprised your neck wasn't aching after all that head bobbing! :P P.S Please smile more, it looks really good on you m'dear!! You're pictures are too frowny. :(

  11. This was giggle worthy for me anyway!
    Ginjer seems to be a witted woman and oh so enjoyable to talk with! So do you.
    I did see the episode of the Inside in which to play and I must admit I was so bluffed! I loved it.
    Your characters do have a bad tendency to die, ant pretty often shot... lol.

    Lovely Interview though :)

    And still this damned shirt... I want it! Gimme gimme!

    All my best,


  12. What do I *think*?

    I think "what was with the hat?"

    Violet was supposed to wear the hat. :-)

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