Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Fishing, Books and Hot Damn, It's Looks Cold Out There!

How much fun is this? Death's Daughter gets all up in the world of The Deadliest Catch!


  1. I did have one complaint about Death's Daughter: too many italics! As a fledgling editor the italics really bothered me, as I'm used to seeing them used for emphasis. If you over-use there's no longer any emphasis :( Just a thought for your future books :)

  2. Thank you so much Amber. I will keep pushing the book to all my "Followers", as I just finished it and loved every part of it!
    I do so hope there is a sequel, really hoping for a series!!

  3. LOL - CB you are getting famous and going to get me hooked on yet another author...His review was great and got me very excited...

  4. Hey Amber! You can thank CB for heading me to this book and I will pass the word on to others. Keep 'em coming! Thanks, Mary C

  5. I am going to order this book just because CB said to! Im very glad he posted about it!

  6. Hey Amber, I got my next book on my list, your book, thanks to CB!!

    thanks for adding a link to his blog from yours!!

    and from what CB's said, I do hope you have another one in the works! I can't wait to get this book in and get it read from cover to cover!

  7. Hi Amber, CB sure sells your book! I'm glad he posted about it! I hope we hear about more projects from you.

  8. to CB, I was introduced to your book. I love the premise, ( I was a big fan of the TV show Brimstone, maybe not much fantasy there, but it still had a fascinating premise)and I really like your down to earth writing style. Totally believable. Borders order is running late; I will hit Barnes and Noble tomorrow. I can't wait to read it and post a review at Amazon for you.

  9. CB wants us to visit you
    thanks for the book

  10. Hey Amber, this is CB's little Sis. Maybe my wonderful brother will bring a copy of your book when he comes to visit. HINT HINT Bro!

  11. Can't wait to get a copy of your book the review CB gave sounds great. I loved your work in Buffy you were awesome!!!! I look forward to seeing more of your projects.

  12. Better luck today at Barnes and Noble, bought your book and read it cover to cover. Congrats! I love Calliope! I would love to read more adventures with Calliope. I loved Runt and especially loved the faun. With an imagination like yours, who knows where Callipoe might take us? Bit I bet I'd sure have fun finding out. Thanks for a great read and thanks CB for turning us on to Death's Daughter and Miss Benson.

  13. Hoping, depending on how big my week-delayed paycheck is, to squeeze in to order a signed copy.
    Yeah, looks cold, I mean the Bering Strait *was* named after a Danish guy sailing on a Russian ship.

    I *did* stop watching after Tara was killed, but mainly because I went homeless that September. (Oh, well, I brought her back in my fics, their older daughter is two and a half now.) Still a Republican like our cheerful fisherhost, tho.

    No such thing as bad publicity, even in Palinland.

  14. I purchased the book last week and I really love it.
    Btw-II had no idea you were born on January the 8th also(me too)
    David Bowie is also a birthday boy on the 8th.=)

  15. Still waiting for my copy of DD from Mysterious Galaxy :)

    Re: Buffy. I forced myself to watch season 7 but it was an awful experience. Watching the entire show on DVDs made it more so. The story was OK; I felt that it ended well. But every time I watched, there's something missing. Did they really think only Willow felt that giant hole? :)

  16. Hi Amber! Thanks for the link up to CB's blog! I've added this book to my wishlist for my upcoming birthday! My best to you and your continued writing success!

  17. When I left your book signing today, I didn't realize until I was half way to my car what a horrible thing I did. how selfish of me to put a damper on your otherwise happy day.
    I am so sorry...you are a very sweet person. Really....your mommys very lucky.
    I didn't even know you and I love you to pieces!!! God Bless!!!

  18. Christa,

    Please, if we can't share how we're feeling with the people around us then there's no point being a human being. You did not put a damper on my day, at all. I promise. And I'm sending lots of good vibes out there in your direction.


  19. Interview: http://www.racketmag.com/?p=774


  20. Okay, wow.
    Purchasing your book immediately.
    Will review on Amazon in several days -- gotta get that up to 85.

    The summary sounds very interesting.

    And I feel sort of lame because, of course, I'm a big BtVS fan and that's how I know who you are.. But, honestly, out of all of the actors on that show who would be writing a book, you are probably the one I'd most like to read. Just a vibe thing, I guess.

    Hello! :)

  21. Yeah, okay, just purchased from the local Borders. Starting tonight. Yay weekends and non-school-related reading. :)

  22. DD is a great fun book. Hopefully it will get a full and proper release in the UK so lots of people can get to read it.

  23. OMG! I had no idea you wrote novels, Amber. I loved you as Tara and now I am definitely going out to find your book.

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