Monday, March 23, 2009

Bitten By Books and Filmsnobbery and Signings!

The awesome website Bitten By Books is hosting an all day Q & A with me tomorrow at their site. From what I understand, if you leave a comment/question for me then I will pop by periodically during the day and answer them. Also, Bitten By Books will be giving away a few copies of Death's Daughter. Should make for a very cool March 24th, 2009!

The other cool thing I'm doing this week - besides the weekend book signings in San Francisco and Roseville - is an (interactive) interview with Filmsnobbery.Com on Wednesday March 25th, 2009. Stay tuned to the site for time and call-in info, but between you and me it's looking like it's going to happen around 6:30ish Pacific Time.

For those of you looking to meet me in the flesh, I will be in Northern California this week/weekend for some really fun signings:

1.) THURSDAY, MARCH 26th at 7pm
400 Post Street
San Francisco, CA 94102


  1. have fun, wish i could be there!

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  3. I'm in Oz, but best of luck! Shall have to acquire me a copy of Death's Daughter in the near future.

  4. hey you hadn't posted in a loooooooong time! =)

    I wish you lots of fun on those signings, I will probably pop by tomorrow on Bitten By Books, if only because the name is as cool as was Dark Delicacies!

    Hope I didnt scare you of all French people! :)

    julia :)

  5. Oooh, sounds like fun! Wish I could be there! You should come to the Borders in Northern Virginia ;)

  6. Oh, Bitten By Books will also have M.R. Sellars on Thursday. Met him a few years ago and he's a very nice guy. I'm currently reading "Never Harm A Witch".. good stuff. One of the characters, a cop, is a Benson :)

  7. OOPS.. that's "Never Burn A Witch".. so sorry!

    I'm blending titles.

    Have fun with the interviews and Q & A..

  8. i so wish i could be there! any chance of making a pit stop and visit one state up in oregon??? *sigh* oh, well...i'll def' be looking forward to more interviews! have fun at your book signings!! :)

  9. You should totally come to the south. :D Somewhere around Mississippi. lol. I can't afford plane tickets. Grrrr...I need a job. lol. I'll be sure to visit BBB tomorrow. I gotta think of a question though. The only questions I can think of are stupid or just...I don't know...they just are. Most of the questions that would even be considered good are questions I am positive you have answered in other interviews. Other interviews cover things pretty well. Oh well. I'm looking foward to getting my signed book :D Enjoy your book signings and don't work too hard. Oh and in case I haven't said it effin' rock! thanks for everything you do.

  10. i cant think of any cool, deep questions :p they're all pretty stupid. ill be trying to come up with something good all day in school now..

    you should come to the east coast againn. the last hug i've received is still from you at the comic two months ago or that sad..?

  11. I'm still bummed that the gods of electronics messed with me, and I didn't get an autograph on my copy from Mysterious Galaxy Bookstore, but at least I've got a copy. Not much chance I'll be visiting California anytime soon, unless I just give up on Indiana winters and hop a train west next November ...

  12. Oh Amber you should come also to Italy to promote your book!!! Have you ever been here?? It's a beautiful country, you should come maybe for holidays :) Good luck for all!!!

  13. And when you're in Italy, just hop over its northern border to Austria (where DD is being shipped to at the moment, might I add). So, your next holiday is all set then?! ;)

    Have a nice day...or night, what with the time difference and everything. :)

  14. Saw that you're now on the guest list for the Supanova at Brisbane (Aust). Looking forward to meeting you! :)

  15. Look like you're a busy lady these days!

    I hope you'll be having loads of fun meeting all those lucky fans who are able to join you @ the book signings... Wish I could attend as well... *sighs*

    Anyways, have fun dear!

  16. From what I could understand of the Bitten By Books website, I can't participate sicne first you ahve to write review of _DD_ and I'ven't gotten mine yet. Hopefully it's "sail-winging" its way to me with your signature and my fingers crossed a personalization in it from Dark Delicacies.

    Your temporary tooth looks gray and metallic. Oh well, according to what Liz Montgomery said long ago, all Hollywood witches have at least one cracked tooth.
    Heck, better luck than mine; I ahgve dental insurance but since I haven't seen one since longer than you've been alive, the deductibles alone will be unaffordable.

  17. "i so wish i could be there! any chance of making a pit stop and visit one state up in oregon??? *sigh* oh, well..."
    I second that. Oregon is a mighty fine place to visit. Why we have...Portland, a large, clean city, with erratic drivers. Corvallis is great too!

    Have a great time at your book signings.


  18. Thanks for the info, Amber! I'll definitely try the FilmSnobbery thing, and I've already asked you two questions on Bitten by Books. :P

  19. Hi Amber,

    Saw you at Bitten by Books, nice to visit your blog.

    I don't live near where you will be, but have fun at your signings.

  20. Wish you were coming to Michigan!

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