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Well, some of you asked me to post one of my writer's beat sheets on the blog. Basically, it's a very minimal breakdown of the book per chapter which I work from as I write. A sort of crib notes of the book Death's Daughter, if you will. Note that when you read the book, some stuff is changed or not in there at all!

Hope you enjoy:

DD breakdown 7/15/07

Hell is full of musical amateurs. GB shaw

Chapter 11- callie walks Cerberus. Gets one of the pups.

Chapter 12 and 13 – tries to get to Indra, but gets waylaid by the detective who thinks she’s responsible some how for her father and sister’s disappearance

Chapter 14 + 15 – escapes police custody – without jarvis, and goes after Indra (goes into tv and into a bollywood musical), only to find that he’s good friends with the devil’s protégé and he won’t give her the sea foam.

Chapter 16+ 17 – calls on Kali to come and help her convince indra. Kali uses her feminine wiles, tells Callie how to block her attraction to the Devil’s Protege. Callie thinks maybe the Devil’s protégé is the one who kidnapped her family

Chapter 18 + 19 – with the sea foam in hand, she goes after the cup of jamshid

Chapter 20 + 21 – the devil’s protégé beats her there, tries to talk her into ruling Death together. She scoffs at him. Finds out he is indeed part Siren.

Chapter 22 + 23 – bests the Devil’s protégé, wins the cup of Jamshid, but can’t make it work, so she goes back to jail break Jarvis. The cup of Jamshid is with Monsiuer d!!!

Chapter 24 + 25 – but finds that Jarvis isn’t at psychical police headquarters, and that the “detective” isn’t on the force. Thinks the detective and the devil’s protégé are in cahoots.

Chapter 26 + 27 – clio helps her figure out the cup of Jamshid, divulging the whereabouts of their father. Clio and Callie take off to rescue their sister and dad and hopefully Jarvis

Chapter 28 + 29 – they get there and find the Devil’s protégé. They think he’s behind the whole thing, but it turns out he isn’t. he’s had his hunch who the baddies are, and he’s right…it’s Callie’s older sister Thalia and her boyfriend the wannabe detective. They were stop Callie from collecting her birthright…the mantle of Death. It seems that unbeknownst to Callie she was the one who was rightfully supposed to be death, but since thalia wanted the job, she would just get Callie out of the way, and then she would be magically released, and takeover the job of death.

Chapter 30 – callie saves her dad and Jarvis with the help of the Devil’s protégé and her younger sister, and maybe even Kali and Cerberus’s pup.

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Bitten By Books and Filmsnobbery and Signings!

The awesome website Bitten By Books is hosting an all day Q & A with me tomorrow at their site. From what I understand, if you leave a comment/question for me then I will pop by periodically during the day and answer them. Also, Bitten By Books will be giving away a few copies of Death's Daughter. Should make for a very cool March 24th, 2009!

The other cool thing I'm doing this week - besides the weekend book signings in San Francisco and Roseville - is an (interactive) interview with Filmsnobbery.Com on Wednesday March 25th, 2009. Stay tuned to the site for time and call-in info, but between you and me it's looking like it's going to happen around 6:30ish Pacific Time.

For those of you looking to meet me in the flesh, I will be in Northern California this week/weekend for some really fun signings:

1.) THURSDAY, MARCH 26th at 7pm
400 Post Street
San Francisco, CA 94102

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Reviews and Interviews

Another nice review at Flames Rising and a cool interview at Darkstars Fantasy News in English and in German.

More Reviews! Yipee!


Death's Daughter has a review in the Sacramento Book Review which is out now.

It also has a review on the site Geek Like Me.

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The Mysterious Disappearance of Connie Converse

Adam and I recently whiled away a pleasant evening with the inestimable David and Anne Garland and we spent the whole time talking about the mysterious disappearance of the folk singer/writer, Connie Converse. The story goes that she packed up her car in 1974, wrote good-bye letters to her friends and family and vanished. No one knows what happened to her after that, or if she is even alive today.

David stumbled across her music when he interviewed the illustrator, animator and filmmaker, Gene Deitch (who has made some of the only known recordings of her work) on his WNYC show Spinning On Air and was instantly moved by her songs.

Since then, David and Anne have been working together on getting the word out about the mysterious Connie Converse. Once Adam and I heard her music, we, too, joined in the struggle.

This is/was a seriously talented woman who never got her due as a musician and literary artist...until now. An indie label is releasing her collected works on March 10th and I really think anyone who appreciates true talent should give her a listen.

over and out.

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The Macarena Challenge

Okay, I have a favor to ask. If you have read the book I'm schilling (selling, pimping, whatever the Hell you wanna call it), would you post a review of it up on Amazon? I don't care if you loved Death's Daughter or hated it. Just post your thoughts; any and all. It would be very helpful and if I get 85 reviews going over at Amazon (not all by the same person) then I will post a video of me up on You Tube doing the Macarena.

You don't believe? Just try me. I do a nasty Macarena.

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Ginjer/Amber - two crazy ladies in a hallway!

This makes me giggle.

What do you think, Golden? Giggle worthy?

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"She's a naughty girl with a bad habit. A bad habit for drugs..."

I'm listening to a little Dwight Yoakam, wondering why SUMMER HEIGHTS HIGH isn't like a super duper American phenomenon.

I love the crap outta this show. It got a good friend of mine through a rough couple of weeks. (And no, I'm not speaking euphemistically. I am not the "friend".) I wasn't sure about it at first, but by the end of the second episode I was hooked. (Sometimes it takes me a couple of tries to get into a show or a book, but once I'm in, I'm IN.)

It's funny. It's satirical. It's touching. It's damn fine television. The kind of show that I wish I was working on (in ANY capacity). I think anyone that appreciates smart humor should check it out.

I vouch for it 100%.

Another Signing!

I am adding one more signing to the list of ever growing signings:

Border's Books
2030 Douglas Blvd. Suite #9
Roseville, CA 95661
(916) 784-1088
MARCH 29th, 2009

a lil' something, something...

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