Wednesday, February 4, 2009

World Premiere of Diorama - Adam and I Made This!

While standing in line at a Indian Restaurant in Midtown Manhattan, Adam and I met Anne and David Garland. They were in line behind us, waiting for a table, too, and somehow we started talking. It turns out that David had a radio show on WNYC called Spinning On Air (which Adam was a fan of) and Anne and David had just gotten turned on to the magical world of Buffy by their son, Kenji (who has excellent taste). So, needless to say, there was a lot to talk about.

Adam and I made a video for David Garland's latest album, NOISE IN YOU. This links takes you to a page on his site talking about the genesis of the video.

It's for a song called DIORAMA and Sufjan Stevens sings on it. It's really cool and it was really fun to make. This link takes you to the video.



  1. Wow, Amber--that's really wonderful.

    You, Adam, and--oh--David Garland are so talented.

  2. amber, this is the video that premiered at monkeytown, right? the way adam, david, anne and you work together produced an awesome video. you need to make another music video for common rotation now.

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  4. I love this video Amber you are all so talented and the images you and Adam have used work so well with the music. I love the darkness of it that matches the dreamlike music so well. I really enjoyed it, thank you for sharing it with us

  5. Wow. Even my stuttering bandwith was enough to convey the sheer awesomeness the two of you possess.
    The representative of the 3rd world is wowed.

  6. Um sorry a bit of horn blowing here....
    Got a South African Musician/Songwriter, which I bought for the library, Louise Carver. Been writing since she was 16, recently sought of got discovered internationally, which just means that an international producer managed to listen to her stuff and liked it.
    Her album Saved by the Moonlight is very good and polished but there are some tracks that just sort of resonates. (Yes, I'm a weepy librarian)
    Ok the reason I'm mentioning Louise, besides NOT KNOWING her at all, there's some sort of...feeling that I get from Mr Garlands work and hers that is very much the same. My ineptitude in the musical description is only surpassed be clumsy way with the letters and words. Anway.(Plug! Plug! Plug!)
    Have a listen at her website to see what I mean.

    And Harris Tweed deserves a mention.
    Two people working a day job recorded an Album in their spare time. Try Ode to Confusion. It's something...(wordy ineptitude happening again...)
    Apologies for the shameless plug but the 3RD World will not be stopped!
    Except by Dicators and Tribal Warfare.

  7. loved the Guitars Shots ....

    i can almost see myself in one of the takes, just me sitting in the darkness with that beautiful music playing in the Background.
    it reflected me in every way.

    Amber you are incredibly talented.

    btw, i thought I was the 3rd world representative ...
    (ok maybe just the middle-east)

  8. Middle east doesn't count as the third world. It has a classification all of it's own.

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