Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Well, That Was A Weekend.

I just spent the last 48 hours on my feet, smiling like a lunatic and hoping that my breath wasn't too stinky from lack of food and water. I bet you're thinking I was locked away in a Thai Prison for seven counts of heroin smuggling, but alas, that was not the case – I would've at least gotten some moldy bread or a drink of stagnant water out of my Thai guards. No, Thai Prison would've been a breeze in comparison to this. I was in a place that was much, much worse for my psyche. A place which took a far more insidious toll on my life force...

I was at the New York ComiCon.

Now, I'm not saying I didn't have fun...because I did. But I literally lost five pounds in the process. I ate once on Sunday. I ate once and a half on Saturday. The rest of the time I was trotting around the Javits Center like "old dog" Stump. Hell, I think I WAS "old dog" Stump.

I was at this intrepid con – which was really a quite amazing feat of comic extravagance - to schill my new book, Death's Daughter. Instead, I think I was there to get some exercise. Damn, I was all over that place.

Saturday was intense, but Sunday was insane:

First, I spoke on a panel with Kim Harrison (which was really cool because I love the Rachel Morgan books) and Tom Sniegowski (who is always a peach) called Writers on Writing: Books, Comics, TV, Movies, and Games.

Here is the blurb about the panel from NYCC:

"Join a panel of high-profile writers as they discuss the differences and the similarities between storytelling across the diverse spectrum of contemporary media."

Mostly we just talked about how to get your stuff published and took questions.

After that, it was off to the autograph line. OMG. The line was huge (which I know is good, but can be a but unnerving) and there was no way we were gonna get through all the people in one hour. It ended up getting extended another hour. There were so many people, so many smiling faces and excited hugs (and that's mainly where the stinky breath worries kicked in). It was total craziness!

Next was interview time...which was fun and actually made me have to use my brain. We finished that up and then, as they closed the Javits Center down around us, I discovered that I was ready for a vacation.

A vacation from my vacation.

A vacation from my life .•

•I know this blog is all discombobulated-y, but it is truly how I felt (and still feel) about my weekend. Yay!


  1. It sounds like you had a good time, but definitely need a vacation from your hectic life. Maybe check into getting a massage. If you were in the Indiana area I could easily recommend the best in the state.

  2. Glad you survived, Amber! Will you be back east to sign either of your books this year?

  3. Eeks.. like I said on Twitter- I feel really bad that you didn't get enough to eat. I've worked many a convention (and looks like I have a few more coming up) and I feel like I should write a survival guide after doing both SDCC and Dragon*Con (purely as a spectator this time around).
    Hope you did have a good time amongst the craziness!

  4. That sounds a lot like my comic con experience .. or at least the lack of food part, when i finally realized there was a starbucks like 30 yards away from the line i had been waiting on for like 2 hours i finally got a croissant, this was at noon, i had gotten to the con at 5:45 .. i know i'm crazy but it was my first one and i wanted to do it right :P

    but it was awesome that you were there and i looooove the book, i'm into my second time through it

  5. What Miss Kitty said. I've staffed conventions where some people *sole* job was to make sure such-and-such ate at least two solid meals per day. Otherwise, said individual would take an all-expenses-paid trip to Crazy Town (and the rest of us would be along for the ride. Not fun.)

    Conventions are *work*. Never let anyone tell ya different. Now rest up, kiddo.

  6. NY Comic Con is always wicked crazy. Fun yes, but a little on the insane side and that's just on the spectator end. I can't imagine how much worse it is on your side. As someone who received a hug, though, I can assure you that you were stinky breath free. :)

  7. It was great meeting you and you were super nice! Thanks for doing the con, it was great.
    Write up with photo here:

  8. Sweet! Yeah, cons can be exhausting but glad you had fun. Hope you sold a lot of books. So cool that you we're on a panel with Kim Harrison. I love the Rachel Morgan books.

  9. Sounds like much fun was had by all..

    BTW, Have you seen "IT'S ME OR THE DOG" on ANIMAL PLANET?


  10. Aloha Amber!

    Too bad I live too far across the big pond to have been there. But it surely sounds like it was crazy and fun at the same time. Hope you will get enough food inside you now you're back in "normal land".

    I did pre-order your book at amazon and am eagerly waiting for it's arrival... Sometimes it does suck living in Europe.

    Have a nice day!

  11. Dear Amber ...

    Gosh that sounds like a lot of... standing and a lot of talking and alot of people and fun.. :P

    Would you consider Taiwan to have a vacation??
    (you still have fans in Taiwan you know... :)

  12. Would have loved to have got to the NYCC. Never been to a Comic Con and they always sound cool.

    Cool Blog BTW

    I was also wondering if you fancied doing a quick email interview for my site about your books and films? (I'm the chap who interviewed Michael Marshall Smith and I've also interviewed Neal Asher and a few independent filmmakers - if you are up for it twitter away)

  13. aw hun, you should've asked anyone in that queline to get you something. I might be making a big understatement if I said that at least half of that que would've been glad to get you anything you desired.

    As long as it's reasonable offcourse LoL
    (but you don't seem like an unreasonable-request type)

    Did you know that... I haven't yet spoken to a person that met you and didn't absolutely love you afterwards? It's unanimous, you're a very nice person.

  14. I think we can guess what'll happen next time you are at a convention now... There will be dozens of people bringing picnic hampers full of sandwiches and water cooler sized bottles of water for you. ;)

  15. Between your two straight hours of hand-cramping autograph signing, my three straight days of running around filming and interviewing, and neither of us eating a blessed thing in the process it's a wonder we didn't skip the interview entirely in favor of a nap, a sandwich, or both. Somehow, though, I suspect Roseanne would have been pretty cross with us had we done that.

    It was lovely sitting down with you despite the mutual exhaustion to talk about the book which really is fantastic. I can't wait for everyone else to finally get the chance to read it.

  16. I have been going to conventions for years and it was so interesting to see it from your point of view. Next time I see you at a con I will bring you a packed lunch love hehe Beverley

  17. Dude, all those Penguin handlers, and not one of them offered to grab you a cheesesteak (they were really good, btw) or something? Shame on them! Glad I gave you the Godivas; I hope they at least provided some sustinence. Next time I'll come equipped with Power Bars too.

    PS -- You are incapable of having stinky anything. The rest of us, well that's another story. I'm sure I reeked something awful by the time I saw you.

  18. I always wonder how celebs manage at these cons. My hand would fall off after signing my name that often.

    BTW - You still attending this con in Glasgow?

  19. My problem at booksignings (though mine are not exactly as wild as Amber's at NYCC) is that my handwriting goes all to hell after a while. It's like the connection between my brain and hand's been severed, and all the pithy comments I've been writing start making no sense.

  20. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  21. Next time pack sandwiches lol

    i've never been to a con before (going to my first one - hallowhedon - later this year) but from pics and vids i have seen the comic con's do seem to be the biggest/insanest. glad to hear you still had some fun admist the madness :)

  22. PS if you forget the sanwiches just put up a sign when doing the autograph sessions and i am sure the fans will all look after you lol :)

  23. Ah sweetie we need to create a special mint that not only deals with breath issues but can also double as food. catchy...
    I have not doubt you touched many hearts this past weekend! You always do.

  24. It made me so happy to be able to meet you. That was definitely the highlight of that weekend for me. Started reading Death's Daughter. Really liking it so far.

    -Layne aka the one who asked the hook question

  25. i was nervous, but it was worth far the highlight of my existence

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