Friday, February 6, 2009


So, as not to deluge you guys with all things Amber (which might be happening anyway - sorry), I have waited a little bit before talking about some of my past work.

I'm gonna leave the Ghosts of Albion books and web series for another blog. Instead, I am going to babble for a few minutes about the two other films that I made: CHANCE and LOVERS, LIARS AND LUNATICS. (This is the link to the very cool website for the films - you can also get your hands on a copy of one or the other there, too.)

Chance was a little DV film that I never intended to market to the world at large. It was kind of gonna be my little film school experiment just so I could see exactly what it was like to make a movie.

I've been an actor since I was a little kid. I grew up in Birmingham, Alabama and did every play I could get my hands on.

(I was nine at the time, but I still vividly remember Jean-Marie Collins calling me at home after teaching me at a Summerfest/Town and Gown workshop, telling me to get my butt over to the Birmingham Children's Theater because they were doing Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs and she thought I might have a shot at being a dwarf. Thus "Amaziah" (sp?) the Dwarf became my (in)auspicious stage debut. I got the chicken pox during the run of the show and the local newspaper ran a story about Snow White and the Six Dwarfs. I literally only missed like one performance, chicken pox or no chicken pox. What was really weird was having to meet and greet kids after each performance and the little girls being severely disappointed I wasn't a cute boy under the fat suit and beard.)

But plays had never really satisfied me. I wanted to be in movies, make movies, babble-babble, etc. So, Chance was gonna be that opportunity. It turned out a lot better than I had hoped and since I kept getting interested emails from fans, I decided to put it out there for the world to see.

Do I regret it? No...well, maybe a little. When I look at the film, I see all the amazing people who worked very hard and contributed money and time to make it happen. I also see ALL the flaws that are rife throughout the movie. I have to take responsibility for them - as they are mine alone to own - but I don't regret them. I sometimes just wish I had made them in the obscurity of a film school class and not out in the real world for all to see.

I like to think of Chance as sort of a cute little puppy dog that isn't house-trained yet.

The other film I made is called Lovers, Liars and Lunatics and it's a pretty well-crafted little movie. I had a bit more on the ball as far as the directing thing was concerned and I think it shows in this movie. It's what I call a "real film". Chance was sort of a pastiche of things and Lovers is a more cohesive, cogent story. It looks beautiful and the acting is great (I think the acting is pretty damn great in Chance, too) and it has a decent running time. I like to think it has a few laughs here and there, too.

If Chance is the non-house-trained puppy then Lovers is the big Labrador Retriever who doesn't know his strength and knocks you over every time you come into the room. It has its flaws, too, but they are less visible to my eye for some reason.

I'd be very curious to hear what you, the audience member (by the way, you're playing along with the home version of the game) think. I know some of you have seen the films and I am always interested in your opinion.

ta-ta for now.

PS Hope to see some of you at the NYCC on Sunday!


  1. what do you think , we think ???

    if it wasnt for the movies you made (if it wasnt for "chance") or the Novels , you think we would have known how talented you were or how Quirky and different ... ?
    if it was up to your work on "Buffy" alone , you would have been just another actress who reads scrpits out loud.
    (never mind the influence your role had on others of course)

    i loved both your Movies , for no reason other than they made me Pee my pants from all the laughing.

    is that a good enough reason for you?

  2. I like them both. Lovers definitely shows you found out some things while doing Chance. However it is Chance that finds its way into my dvd player quite often. I am a real soft touch for stream of consciousness settings, (also for one set films, which is why Lovers still draws me in). Chance's craft may be less polished but for me it is somehow more personable, or like a real person anyway yelling "I'm real and quirky and not perfect but love me anyway, rough edges and all" and that works for me. hehe, I don't even need an inanimate object to anthropomorphize today.

    (Who doesn't have big speakers, well not atm, being between apartments is bothersome)

  3. Hi Amber. Personally I absolutely adore Chance. I love the script, the acting, the great chemistry between you and James Marsters, basically everything about it. I also love Lovers, Liars & Lunatics, and think it is a great film, but for me Chance has that rawness that stands out as being different from the usual polished stuff Hollywood brings out. Sometimes (not always) that polishing takes the edge off of a film, takes away that spark of originality that endears a film to me, and Chance has definitely endeared itself to me. What can I say? I think you are very talented and I am looking forward to getting hold of a copy of Death's Daughter in the near future to put alongside "The Seven Whistlers" on my bookshelf. :)
    P.S. - Also looking forward to "Drones".

  4. Oh my addiction to comment is so pleased to be invited on commenting on your movies!

    I already did once in a letter but it doesn't hurt to repeat, plus I might not say exactly the same thing. =)

    First I HAVE TO comment on this:
    "What was really weird was having to meet and greet kids after each performance and the little girls being severely disappointed I wasn't a cute boy under the fat suit and beard."
    Story of your life, isn't it? ;-) (not about not being a boy though)

    And also Jean-Marie being a "she", not that it needs comment just it is funny the changes between a language and another. Strictly a "he" here.

    Now I like to know what is your opinion on Chance. I liked the movie but still have trouble understanding all that is said. That's the problem with not being a native English speaker.
    It is however a cute little puppy. =)

    Lovers Liars and Lunatics really charmed me though. I love when situations become crazy like and you don't know if you can pity the "bad guys" or not. Lol.
    It is a funny movie, the kind pretty nice to watch from time to time after a long day to just relax.
    Now I must admit I wonder what's with you and a certain item and how it always ends with your character (hard to say what I want without giving spoilers, hope you see what I mean?).
    Last may in Houston a friend of mine ask a question from me (well 2, but the first one's answer was clear and well remembered, and is on youtube 'cause it ended with a naughty image ^^). The question was "which scene is your favorite as a director (and why)?" and I was told the one with the metaphor with the vinegar chips and I think I kind of was given your whole answer. Still if you'd like to comment a bit more I'd love to know more.
    I showed it to friends last December and we were kinda doubtful about the end, nothing bad just some events seems a bit "quick" and also how is a pillar able to do that much damage? (again trying not to spoil :s)

    All in all I think that for a first movie Chance was fine, if a bit hard to follow.
    Lovers Liars and Lunatics.... I told you I was charmed. I'm a lunatic that may be why.

    Sorry for the length, told you I'm a comment whore, and I really will try to lessen the quantity of them.

    I won't be at the NYCC but I should have. (Passport issues). I will be in March at the signing however and I think my friend (Dorothy) wonders if you'll have any copy of Chance or LL&L to sell? (And copy of Death's Daughter too of course).

    Oh I also wanted to know, what is "the home version of the game"?

    Have a very nice time in NYC!

    PS: again sorry for the length

  5. What a wonderful commentary about your work and what it has meant to you. I would love to put it on my fansite with your permission please Amber?

  6. Wow. My opinion on Chance. We'll get to the other later as I'm pressed for time.

    Chance made me laugh til my ribs nearly broke. The dialogue was real, like a conversation I would have with my friends, with some girl (cause in my case it would be) that wouldn't leave me alone, not so much with the parentals part because mine are absent, but its one I could see myself having were the situation there. Not a single moment during Chance did I think, no, that wouldn't happen. You might call it an untrained puppy, I call it a masterpiece. I can honestly say there was only one other film EVER, that I related to the way I related to Chance. If every other director besides Katherine Brooks and you made movies like that then the world might not have an 85% world population of people that only act as if they are truly living. Chance always, always will have a special place in my heart. It's actually my favorite film, ever.

  7. I love both these movies. I think I watched 'Chance' at a good time for me because it's kind of a self-discovery movie - you were discovering what works and what doesn't, but it's a good film for university students to see as they figure that sort of thing out for themselves. It's really sweet, and fun. 'Lovers, Liars and Lunatics' is crazy and so entertaining. Plus it has Michael Muhney.

  8. Have you ever thought of taking your films to the Philadelphia Film Fest? They seem just like the sort of thing that the Fest looks for.

  9. I own and love both. 'Lovers' is hilarious and the line about the fat kitty cracks me up every time. And 'Chance' is just spectacular. It is so screwball that i can imagine everything in the movie being something that actually happened. Because of 'Chance', every time i go to the grocery store i now look for tofu cheese

  10. oh and how i wish i could make it to NYCC, but, being a college student, i barely have money to live. Maybe you could swing by kutztown university, pa??

  11. ok last comment, i swear! my friends and i are trying to organize a campus showing of Lovers, Liars and Lunatics, so it would kinda, sorta be freaking AMAZING if you did show up. you know for Q&A and stuff. you know, just saying....

  12. In the past few months I have been running a film workshop with school children in my area in London. Its through a program called CineClub. I think Chance is a great example of how budding film makers can really produce great, personal and inspiring films. In fact, as an aspiring film maker myself, I have a very special place in my heart for Chance. At the end of the day it's honest and the soundtrack is fantastic-both moving and hilarious-much like the movie itself. Congrats!

  13. Everytime you make a film, you learn more about the whole process, it's only natural to look at your past work and see things you'd consider flaws and think about what you would do differently.

    At least, that's what I've found with my own film making. I like to look back at previous work and think about the progress made between each one.

  14. Do you have to appologise for throwing Amber stuff at us? Ok, admitted, you are just a person, but an awesome one that does some pretty awesome things about which most of us gladly read (Why else would we be visiting here :p)

    I saw L,L&L on an evening after a nightly bustrip from London to Liverpool so I vaguely remember some parts between the falling asleep :$ pretty much; "hey, is that a bottle of Solgar?" *snore* nooo, not a gun, gun always goes wrong *snore*... so I might have to rewatch that one.

    Chance was very cool, loved it, but I can't help but feel a little silly about the lesbian thing, I'm proud and out, but this felt like an "oh, and yeah we do have to put in some lesbian action for the Tara fans" thingy because Chance so explicitly states not to be "that into girls" :$ Obviously I can't be sure about that hypothesis... I might just be paranoid :p but the painting Chance makes looks kinda lesbian... And I really like the dialogue between Simon and the gay guy at the end LoL
    OK will stop being the obsessive lesbian now. I also don't like seeing you smoke :p the movie is very nice, and about the flaws... Being perfect doesn't make good movies ;-)

    Still have to order my own copies of both DVD´s though.

  15. I also own both.

    Personally I liked Chance better, but I enjoyed both.

    I think like another said I really enjoyed the steam of consciousness and "fourth wall" break used in Chance.

  16. I used to think Independent Films were, for the most part, boring documentaries and poorly scripted amateur videos. CHANCE completely blew that notion to smithereens. This little puppy has happily chased its tail in my DVD player enough times to toast 3 VHS tapes. Okay, exaggeration much? 2 ½ tapes.:) CHANCE has what (too) many of today’s mainstream, big studio movies lack: a great script and superb cast. I love the non-linear format and Grant Langston strumming a guitar throughout the film. It’s like “Ferris Bueller” meets “Who’s that Girl” on MTV. Quirky and Fun! Releasing CHANCE to the public was, IMHO, the right decision.

    Ditto for LOVERS, LIARS AND LUNATICS. Christine Estabrook is an amazing lady (her spontaneous couch scene in CHANCE is one of my favs) and it’s great to see her in this film too. I keep catching things missed on previous viewings and I’m starting to wonder who has the dirtiest mind? Me or you? Maybe I’ve seen it too many times. Warning: if you don’t stop it you’ll go.. looney! And Michael Muhney.. hell yeah.

    Anyhoo.. since you have something of a theme going.. I give both films all 4 paws up and a nice scratch behind the ears! Oh.. and a belly rub. There’ll be some treats for DEATH’S DAUGHTER too.. after it arrives. :)

  17. I don't know how to make films but I do know how to enjoy good films. 'Chance' is one I enjoyed very much. Good script, good acting, good music, what's not to love? And I believe I laughed at the right places as well :)
    I still have to watch Lovers, though.

  18. LLL is without a doubt one of my favourite films and is the one I recommend to all my friends above all others. I've not laughed out loud at a film like that for a long time. The dark edge to your humour is pitch perfect and the quality of the writing shone throughout. The difference is obvious between your films and the focus-grouped-to-death Hollywood efforts and all the more refreshing for it.
    I love Chance too, especialy for breaking the forth wall, and having writing and acting just as sharp. I've been eagerly awaiting Drones since first hearing about it from you in Milton Keynes last Autumn.
    Death's Daughter has already been preordered, but any chance of a sneaky-peaky extract in this blog? ;)

  19. I have both films.

    Chance I LOVED. Still love it a lot. Some of my favourite people in it, loved the singer (wished for a soundtrack!), a little whacky and also the artwork in Chance's flat - I wanted it.

    I'm less sure about LLL. I didn't hate it, for sure, and I certainly laughed in all the right places, I just found it... less endearing, if that makes sense.

    I feel maybe your assessment is a little harsh towards Chance, like it was a high school project that you made with a bunch of dorks and now wish to shove to the back of the closet. I think you should be proud of them both and I'm looking forward to seeing your next offering, to see what Amber did next. (apart from Ghosts, of course)

  20. I've seen both movies - loved them both for very different reasons. - I'm blogging with Amber, I need to remind myself to breathe..-

    Ok, I saw Chance first - I loved the rawness of the film, flaws and all. Chance's character was believable, real and open. That's one reason why I think that (at least for me) the film worked, she was real and we could connect to at least a part of her. I loved the first person dialogue, making us feel more part of the experience. The music was great, I felt like the musician was another character in the film. Amber's acting was (as usual) spot on, and she appeared very at ease working with James - and it come across the screen. Christine was great, and I loved her character.

    Chance made me think and feel, but LLL made me laugh. Great premise for a movie. Very funny, and yet a little moving. Christine again was outstanding, making us cry and laugh along with her. I loved Justine, Amber did a great job, as the ditzy robber with a heart. I thought that the writing (please forgive me Amber!) in LLL was a little sharper than in Chance, and had some very clever lines and jokes.

    Though Amber acted beautifully in both these movies, I really enjoyed her work in Race you to the Bottom....

  21. I should probably wait until it isn't midnight and I should probably give both films a rewatch. Both DVDs hold a special place on my shelves but I'll admit it's been a while. But I guess I'll just say what comes to mind from having seen both.

    I like Chance. It's fun and has some great scenes. I love when Chance's mother comes to stay, and while I would've loved to see Emma Caulfield among the cast as it had originally been intended, I do prefer the rewrite of the parental dinner scene over the original version I read somewhere online. Granted reading a script doesn't compare to seeing it performed, but the original version struck me as too slapstick and out of place compared to the rest of the film.

    The main thing that struck me about your work with Chance is that it seems you're better at directing others than directing yourself, if that makes sense. You're a fab actress, otherwise I wouldn't be a fan. :) But the rest of the cast's performances seemed more solid overall. This also may have been a result of just having too many roles--writer, director, star, etc.

    With Lovers, your acting role was much smaller and you seemed more solid there. And like you said, it had a more direct cohesive story. I wouldn't say I dislike the disjointed, jump around feel of Chance. That's actually part of what makes it a favorite of mine. But it seems people more often prefer direct storytelling over abstract style.

    With Lovers it was also obvious that what you learned from Chance helped you move forward with your next film. Some of the jokes and one-liners in Chance were a little cheesy, and the humor in Lovers seemed a bit more fresh.

    BTW, keeping Christine in your cast is excellent. She's hilarious and you two obviously work well together. Would love to see her in your next film. (There is a next film, right? Wink, wink, nudge, nudge. Say no more.)

    In all honesty, while I think technically Lovers was better overall than Chance, I think Chance isn't nearly as bad as you seem to think. I do prefer Chance over Lovers. Maybe I just like quirky and Chance was all quirk.

  22. I think I can speak for most of us when I say all things Amber is exactly what we're here for!

    But, while I admire your acting and movie making skills, I'm most interested in you as a writer -- since I'm a columnist and fiction writer myself.

  23. Haha, I had to laugh so hard reading this blog. When we decided to get a Labrador Retriever puppy, we also decided to name her Chance. Just because she was so quirky that she reminded us of the movie and well... The time I met you at CollectorMania 10, it just suited our jumping brown little girl. And now you compare your movies to a Labrador puppy.... So COOL :D

    I love both movies. They do show growth, that's for sure. But they also show a lot about the person behind it all. And so far, I've not been disappointed AT ALL :)

    Keep doing the good work and I'll keep following at quite a distance (all the oceans fault, that's for sure) *wink*

    Have a great weekend, enjoy!

  24. i think chance was amazing. i know im not an expert or anything but i loved everything from the acting to the dialogue and especially the music. i watch it all the time im always amazed by your genius :] so im grateful that you decided to share it with everyone.
    i really liked lovers liars and lunatics too and cant wait for drones but chance is definitely my favorite.
    you're really one of my heroes and i cannot wait to meet to tomorrow at the nycc :D i really hope i dont seem like a fool cause im gonna be insanely nervous.

  25. Amber,
    From the experiences of my own writing, I know all too well how something very personal and reflective of one's personality at a certain point in one's life seems rather gangly and awkward, like the red-headed fictional step-child, years removed down the line when you've been kicked in the butt by love or suffered other such lacerations from time's chrono-whip.
    As to the variations in style and tone between "Chance" and "Lovers, Liars, and Lunatics" I say "who gives a fiddler's fuck as long as you entertained yourself."
    The audience I am writing my novel for is me because it is telling the kind of story I want to read but which no one else is providing me with.
    What I enjoyed most, apart from seeing the luminous life-affirming essence of your smile, your laugh, and the raised eyebrow thing you do onscreen, was that you transcended the cult of mediocrity which mainstream Hollywood shovels into the trough to be gobbled up by the fat sweaty hogs who've wheeled the LazyBoy up to the feeding tank and swilled down the pablum like it was foie gras.
    "Chance" may have that film school digi-cam aesthetic about it but it was multi-layered in its use of multiple points of view and skewed timelines where events fell back on themselves or referred to events which happened moments before or years before.
    That and your masterclass in the use of non-verbal communication as emotional cues was brilliant and you're so goshdarn hot as well.
    "Lovers, Liars, and Lunatics" shows that having mastered the basics of film techniques and ensemble storytelling with "Chance" you were now ready to take the next step and advance to a higher grade of film naking with a dark, twisted, and macabre yet hysterically funny tale of suburban dysfunction.
    This again is the kind of warped and dark humor that Preston Sturges made his name with and you are truly worthy of carrying his mantle for the new millenium.
    I've alredy pre-ordered my copy of "Death's Daughter" and can't wait to get stuck into it.

  26. I would have been ecstatic if my first movie came out as good as chance! I mean obviously my budget was about $17 that went towards paying the actors in doughnuts but even in terms of concept and direction Chance is amazing.

    "Death's Daughter" I am so excited to read it, I got it today at ComicCon , signed and all and I plan on reading it tomorrow which means that I will finish it tomorrow :D.

    which by the way i wanted to say thank you so much for cause I was like the last person after the last person and I know you had to go to an interview so it was really nice of you to stall :P

    I was "the girl with the box set" aka Kristen

    I have to say that you were probably one of the nicest people either guest or staff wise at the entire convention, everything was pretty scattered so I spent most of my time just waiting in lines. I think it totals about 7 hours in line, 4 just to get in, 2 for the Dollhouse panel and about another hour to see you, all of which were totally worth it :D

    Sorry to take this to a completely off-topic place but to turn it back to the subject I loved Chance and while I haven't gotten a chance to watch Lovers, Liars, and Lunatics I am most definitely sure that it is amazing :D

  27. Wow. Tons of creative praise. You did a movie, TWO OF THEM on your own. That's hard and brilliant and an accomplishment on it's own but validation from a librarian I suspect is small comfort.
    I haven't seen any of your films because it would cost a fortune and a half to get it here in South Africa, but I HAVE ordered your new book and will wait with bated breath to heap tons praise upon it.

  28. Hey there, stranger! Colleen Lindsay here! Where the hell have you been? I was looking all over Comic Con for you yesterday. Are you still in NYC? I owe you about four pitchers of beer.

    Shoot me an email! Let's catch up!

    colleen.lindsay AT gmail DOT com


  29. I was in an enviable position in that I was able to read the Chance script before I saw the movie. As you know, I thought the script was brilliant -- quirky, funny, and dark all at the same time. It reminded me in weird way of The Opposite of Sex, in that Chance, the protagonist, was such an anti-hero (and not very likable), yet she was still incredibly engaging and fascinating to watch. It is unfortunate that this fabulous script had to operate on a beer production budget instead of the champagne one it deserved. Nonetheless, the movie is still charming, funny, and memorable. Would have been nice to see it on celluloid, but as many others have said, that may have erased it's charm.

    When I first saw the trailer to Lovers, Liars, and Lunatics I was really excited. It looked like a fast-paced, screwball dark comedy and I just knew I was going to love it. Unfortunately, the pacing of the actual movie did not match the pacing of the trailer. While the script was solid and the acting was very good overall (Christine is the shiz), I just felt everything was moving too slowly. As I watched I kept having flashbacks of one of my college theater professors standing in front of a stage and snapping his fingers in rapid succession. While the cinematography exceeded that of Chance from a visual perspective, the editing did not. The film didn't have the momentum I was anticipating. However, I bet if edited much more tightly, it would have. Take all this with a grain of salt -- I admittedly have the attention span of a four-year old.

    I am looking forward to reading Death's Daughter after I get done with Peat's book.

  30. I just wanted to say thanks for signing your book and taking a picture with me at Comic Con. Hope you had a good time in NY. I'll be sure to stay updated on your blog and twitter.

  31. comic con was the greatest day of my existence.
    i honestly didn't think i would be so nervous ha but the line was just getting shorter and i just randomly started freaking out. :]
    thank you so muchh

  32. your crazy
    chance was amazing

  33. I saw Chance a few years ago, and to be honest, I don't remember much of it :) Except not really 'getting it', because I was missing subtitles. But I do know it takes guts to get something out there, and without getting it out there, you may not have gotten the self-confidence or feedback you used on your other work. It's part of a growing process and invaluable :)

    I'm looking forward to Death's Daughter, I hope I can somehow get my hands on it. I think it is very interesting and brave to really.. start your own book (series). I missed Ghosts of Albion, so I guess you've already got some experience... but I imagine it's still exciting and this time it's without a co-credit. :)

    I guess this isn't what you were asking or looking for, but it's the best I can do ;)

    Anneke (

  34. Where to start on this one? I love both movies for very different reasons. Sometimes you love a movie because you can relate to a particular character or situation in it, and other times, you love a movie because you have great memories of the, "who? what? when? where? why? and how?," variety.

    For me, I loved Chance because I related to each of the characters to some degree. Chance was cynical, but honest, and she felt the need to discuss topics which most people are afraid to talk about. Simon came with low self-esteem and always the question of time and punctuality. Even Milton's character spoke to me because he seemed so weird to most people, but I saw him as the misunderstood, non-sequitor, that made his point by telling his story in a similar circular fashion, like Chance. And yes, I will even admit it, Milton's speech to Chance had me in fits of tears, which is odd because I don't usually cry, but his message was so profound when you looked deeper.

    Lover's, Liars, & Lunatics is a great film to me because of the memories I have associated to it. LL&L was a first in many ways for me. It was my first trip to New York (after suggesting it as family vacation, every year, since I learned to talk). It was the first road trip that my little sister and I took together where we met up with my friend Marina. It was the first time I had the opportunity to meet you. It was the first time I met Adam. It was the first time I had ever completely and utterly humiliated myself. By the way, humiliating yourself completely is an extremely humbling experience and I'm not sure I will ever be able to apologize enough.

    The movie itself was hilarious and you weren't really sure who to feel bad for: the dysfunctional family, the stupid guy criminal who couldn't even break into the house without help, or your character who not only was dating what may be the world's dumbest criminal, but she also managed to shoot herself in the foot. It was a seriously disturbed comedy and I still watch it all the time.

    I think there is only one movie I have seen you in that I really didn't like and it was Intermedio.

  35. It makes me smile a little that you question whether it was good to put Chance out there. As a BTVS fan who was/is more than a little obsessive, I was overwhelmingly thrilled when I heard you were putting out your own movie. My friend Deanna sang your praise for the movie, so I had to watch it, and I loved it. It proved to me that my admiration for you as a human being was worth it, because it was so clever and funny. LL&L was also just too much fun. Your reaction to shooting your own foot will still make me laugh if I think of it at random moments. Leading to uncomfortableness, I might add...

    I look forward to all of your projects, because they're just *enjoyable*, and they make me happy to be a fan. I look forward to reading Death's Daughter. I may have to move it up on my to-read list on Good Reads.

  36. Hi Amber,
    Tried to post earlier.
    it's Jeanmarie Collins. Please e-mail when you have time.

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  38. I grew up in Birmingham and did Town and Gown's workshop too! Those were fun times.

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  42. So I finally got the money to purchase both Chance & Lovers, Liars and Lunatics. And got both of them today and naturally watched both of them today. I loved them both, I'll start with Chance.

    Chance has got to be one of the funniest movies I've ever seen. Amber your quirky writing is just so perfect. It had me laughing so hard the whole way through and I couldn't stop up to the end. Just when I thought it couldn't get any better, it did. For something cheaply made I think it was amazing. Something about not having all those fake special effects that make movies seem so fake. It seemed more real and like you were in Chance's life and that was definately something fun to watch.

    Lovers, Liars and Lunatics:
    Alright so this one had me laughing too. Although I didn't expect the ending at all! But bravo to Amber for having me enthralled from beginning to end once again. All the things that happened just had me laughing the whole way through. I loved how ditsy Justine was it just made it soooo much more funny! It was great one after the next.

    Amber, you never cease to amaze me! I can't wait to see more from you! Because I just can't get enough! Keep up the good work Amber!

    <3 Liz