Wednesday, February 25, 2009


*(per the Oxford English Dictionary) an 18th-century British dandy affecting Continental fashions.

I actually prefer the pasta kind of macaroni, but I am open minded.

Does this make you happy? You asked for Macaroni to be placed in my blog and it has been made so.

Happy Saturday!


  1. I have a dictionary in which pixilated means drunk (pixie-led). Old words rock.

  2. I recently became lactose intolerant, so I miss macaronies*

  3. Italian pasta is the should taste spaghetti alla carbonara that is to say spaghetti with eggs,bacon and cheese"parmigiano".What about coming to Italy and have lunch or dinner with me? ;))

  4. Okay, now... if you were to ever use the word 'turophile' in a blog with some macaronies of the edible kind, you'd be my hero. >_<

  5. omg I friggin love you even more ( I didn't think that was possible). Now I can explain. My friends and I have an ongoing game to see who can get the most people to say the word "macaroni". Until now, I was dead last. But since you said it, I have blown past the competition. So, thank you!!! I hope that you and your awesomeness have an amazing Saturday <3

    Ps. We got the idea from the movie "You, Me and Everyone We Know". Odd movie but worth checking out if you haven't seen it. Thank you again.

  6. Haha!
    Such a genius post!
    Thanks for sharing *winks*

  7. Hi Amber! Here in Italy pasta is very very good and we love you so much!! When you will come in Italy? Have you ever been here? Baci

  8. Mmmmm, macaroni. I do so love pasta.

  9. All this talk of macaroni has made me so hungry. Solved my dinner conundrum. Although, I would like to add I will be eating the pasta kind. Not the other.I'm no cannibal.

  10. Ah -- that explained why they called it macaroni after they "stuck a feather in his hat". That yankee doodle -- what a dandy.

  11. Yankee Doodle was originally a mocking song, too. The British used to sing it, dating back form the Seven Years war. so, nwo not only have you used the word "Macaroni" in your blog, but you've shown that you have distinguished and educated (and hungry) readers of same!

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