Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Lisa Had A Little Dog

Oh, lord help me. Our friend just got one of those teeny, tiny chihuahua dogs. I mean, it's smaller than a pen. The writing kind. Literally.

You can put it in your pocket and carry it around.

I want one. I keep asking my boyfriend to steal our friend's one. Just put it under his coat and no one will ever know. It sounds like a poem Shel Silverstein might have written for A Light in The Attic or Where The Sidewalk Ends.

Lisa had a little dog,
a little dog I coveted.
I saw her walking by one day,
and followed her home.
I sat upon her kitchen chair
and stared and stared and stared
whilst talking about whatever thing
Lisa, my friend, wanted.

Lisa had a little dog,
a little dog I wanted.
It was too far gone now for me
I had to get it in my hands.
For wanting was so much worse, you see
than coveting ever could be.

Lisa had a little dog,
a little dog I wanted.
So, I tied Lisa up and left her all alone
and stole myself the little dog
and brought it to my home
and then the little dog did something,
something quite unfounded:
it pooped on my floor.

I had to take it back
and leave it at Lisa's door.


  1. That poem was the epitome of fantastic. I have the same problem, I would really like to steal my sister's dogs...but they are fully grown huskies...and not the little ones...so someone might notice...

  2. Well, we have a big Doodle (just like our new President may get), so I can't covet anyone else's dog. But I loved the poem. Feel like illustrating it, Amber?

  3. Ahaha. I like dogs, but little dogs creep me out. Give me a big fluffy one, please.

  4. Oh, if only I could draw. :( Sadly, I am drawing deficient.

  5. @Freya--that's a Norse goddess...and also the name of the first dog I ever had as a kid. (I voted for "Champ" but got outvoted by my intellectual family...that dog was no goddess.)

    @Amber--me too. I'm in awe of people like Shel Silverstein who can both write and draw.

  6. P.S. Love that Machu Picchu picture, Amber. Maybe the most beautiful place I've ever been.

    (I need to sign up for Twitter so I can comment in the right place.)

  7. That poem was awesome. Shel Silverstein rocks my life. And Maurice Sendak, undoubtedly.

    Kids always get the best stuff.

  8. The teacup chihuahua's r so cute if I had known you liked them so much I would have taken one for you when I saw you in Houston. Chihuahua's are just so cute and fun to have around. By the way love the poem.


  9. So excellent that I had to read it aloud. And when I did I was asked, "What? She left the poop at Lisa's door?"

    Good times.


  10. Chihuahuas creep me ou. *blushes*.
    I used to have rats and what creeps me out about chihuahua it's that they're barely bigger! Makes them look so... fragile I guess.

    Now I must say tha it was a funny poem! Always nice to start a new fay by reading something funny in a sea of bad news! (why do I bother to check the News?)



  11. That is great. I think Shel Silverstein would be pleased.

  12. See, I don't really get those little put-them-in-your-pocket kind of dogs. they're not little, they're tiny! one always has to watch out not to step on them - on _all_ of them, not just watching out for paws and stuff. Also, most of the tiny dogs are kind of naked. And that really creeps me out...

  13. Now that is a lovely poem, its full of sadness and...get a dog Amber I have a shih tzu and he is so loving. I cant work now because of my MS and my little Gizmo really gets me through the day...plus if you get one as small as Lisa's you won't have to use one of those carry bags all the rage with celebs what a bonus!

  14. once i was with a friend in a car driving, and i saw the cutest little teeeny puppy!
    I started shouting: STOP! STOP!!!!
    my friend freaked out and hit the breaks ... while hitting another car infront of us.
    (not pretty)

    I'm not allowed to mention Dogs again.
    or talk in the car.

  15. Little dogs scare me..they seem so angry all the time!

  16. Fun Poem. Not one for little dogs myself, how about a teacup pig instead?

  17. Teacup pigs! How about this one:


  18. Whilst little dogs are kinda cute, I am always scared that if I had one and it was sitting on the couch, that I wouldn't see it and sit on it.

    This may explain why I have a beagle and a German Shepherd, there is no way I would miss seeing them sitting on the couch.

  19. Please do not support the "teacup" dog industry. The dogs are bred only for their size and no other traits (temperament, genetic health etc.) Any ethical breeder would NOT breed tea cup dogs. Of all the teacups bred 10% make it to adulthood

    here are a few links to check out with references to other sources of information

    Sorry... I did a bunch of research recently in my search for a dog... and was shocked.

  20. Totally agree beauty obscure. our friend is actually fostering a sweet shelter puppy :)

  21. Hurray! :) Shelter puppies are the cutest.

  22. I liked the idea someone mentioned of a teapot pig but i looked into it and apparently its a con :( would of been very cute though.

    i'm not overly fond of Chihuahua's myself, some of them are a little odd looking, although some i admit are very cute. Saw a trailer for beverly hills chihuahua the over day and they were adorable!

    Personally I'd love to get a St Bernard, and a couple of pygme goats. Check out this video - how cute is he!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KxZnCDQaa64

  23. omg this is too awesome. i almost bought where the sidewalk ends today

  24. hi, i just discovered your blog today (via the Death's Daughter site) and I must say that this poem is too cute. :D

    My dad wants a chihuahua and we almost got one last year but I hesitated and someone else got the dog instead. Shame on me, I know!!

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