Monday, February 16, 2009

Feb. 24th or March 3rd - Wyld Stallyns Like Days Are Coming

So, I am starting to get excited because Death's Daughter comes out a week from tomorrow. I am also excited because my friend, Anton Strout, has a book coming out the same day called Deader Still which is a whole lot of fun.

With that said, I have been told that most people won't be able to find the books in their bookstore until March 3rd, so that's a bit of a bummer.

I think the 24th/3rd is going to be a great day for books in general. I think amazing things are going to happen because of these books and this day/days. We might even be talking on a Bill and Ted/Wyld Stallyns kind of level. I am actually keeping my eyes peeled for George Carlin. I know he's dead, but he might still pop by with his telephone booth.


I hope everyone goes out on the 24th/3rd and gets the two books and has a life-changing experience.

Oh, I have a PS: I am looking for reviews of Death's Daughter. You can post them at The Essence of Amber forum if you find them. I know that there are at least 97 books floating around out there, so someone somewhere has to have been doing a little light reading for their blog!


  1. Excellent! ((strums a dramatic power chord))

  2. I love the days waiting for a book to hit the shelves--and then seeing it there. Wish you all the best of luck with this one, Amber, and can't wait to read it.

    If I find any reviews, I'll definitely send them along.

  3. Whooooooah! This is going to be like totally awesome dude! Most Excellent!

    *Straightens tie* I don't know what came over me. ;)

    BTW Did you research the character of the Death by beating him at twister?

  4. *Gets excited* ..I really cant wait to read this. I know many people who would also batter down bookstore doors to get their mitts on it.

    Good luck with it!

  5. I've just put my order in at!!

  6. I've had my pre-order with Amazon for some time now and can't wait to get stuck into some literary solo Ambery goodness.
    Also waiting for "strictly Sexual" on DVD for a case of your visual loveliness as well, Amber.

  7. I'll probably get my copy mid-March (is it March yet?). The disadvantage of being on the other side of the world. Wish I won that Ebay auction for an ARC of DD. It sold for $69. :)


  8. I'm really looking forward to it, but since I have 238 other books lying around the house, waiting their turn for my attention, I'll survive if I don't get my copy right away. It would help if I'd back away from the fanfiction.

    Now I'm picturing George Carlin stepping out of Doctor Who's telephone booth/TARDIS. Hm ... maybe his character in "Bill and Ted" was a Timelord ....

  9. I've pre-ordered my copy as soon as I heard about DD coming out. Hopefully they can ship it on the 24th... Before it reaches the Netherlands many days will have passed and I guess I'm going insane while seeing all those comments on how good it is and that makes me even want to have it sooner so I can dig in...

    97 copies going around...none came to me, darn...

    If I see any reviews, I will pass them on!

  10. i just got through the first 9 chapters today in school (who needs to learn chemistry or anything anyways) and so far im hooked. i love your style of writing. the only problem is i cant stop picturing calliope as you!! bad bad habit..whatever
    if i come across reviews that were better then the amazing one i just wrote ;] ill pass them along

  11. I'm confused now... I ordered the book from and have just had an email saying it's shipped but technically it's not released yet.... This hurts my brain...

  12. Yay counting down the days till Deaths Daughter release. I've already made sure that I have Tuesday off from work so I can read it and have told everyone who comes in contact with me that under no circumstances am I to be bothered that day for I will be to busy reading the book. Plus I've sent out txt msgs and emails to everyone I know about the book so that they can pick it up as well.

  13. Here I am again.
    I've checked out the book of your friend "Deader Still" and added it to my order on Amazon :) Thanks for the tip!

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