Saturday, January 31, 2009

Here's another cool Death's Daughter review by Harriet Klausner. That woman has more reviews under her belt than Mother Ginger has marshmallows under her skirt.


  1. Yeah, I just pre-ordered my copy of it. I can't wait until I have it in my hands and reading it.

    It will be so good I will blow off the store until I get it completely read through, twice.

    I just know it.

  2. twice! my goodness :) I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it! ab

  3. Hey that's where I pre-orderedmy copy! ^^
    I hope that me being overseas won't delay the arrival when it'll be time! I can't wait!
    By the way, congratulations for your first solo! How does it feel? :)

  4. I think I'm gonna preorder my copy somewhere then I'll scour Manila bookstores to check if they have it on their shelves (they don't have GoA here; good thing, I can always order online) ;)

  5. Amber, I love your sense of humor, and just the synopsis had me giggling.

    Good luck and I hope your book becomes very successful, just like you are! I'll definitley be reading it as soon as I can, and will hopefully review it for my Book Review blog.

    - Daniel

  6. Amber, you deserve great reviews for your book, and will be sure to read it as soon as the 3 copies I preordered come in. Do you have any idea if it will be available in hardcover cause I would love it in hardcover.


  7. No hardcover, sadly, but I would be honored if anyone who wants to review it for their Book Review Blog

  8. Just ordered my copy! I can't wait until it gets here. You are such a talented writer, Amber. I know it'll be great.

    Goodluck on future projects! :)

  9. I will find out how to do a Book Review Blog and do just that. Should I give it a perfect 4 stars now or later?

    I know it merits the stars either way.

    Yes, twice, a third time if I finish it fast enough.

  10. I hope my copy will arive in time to read it on the plane if I can't sleep :D

  11. Hey don't expect to sleep Dorothy! It's your excuse to bring me along! To have someone to talk to! ;-)
    Sorry this was not a real reply... is that alright?

    so I will do another reply: I will try to convince my Library to get at least one copy.. Under the only excuse that's in English. =)

  12. No Julia, I secretly asked you allong 'cause I wanted to wake up next to you :p
    Now you can't go back 'cause the tickets are booked and we're going on a nice sunny trip to West Hollywood and Long Beach together *insert evil grin*

    Good idea on suggestion the thing to the library though, gonna fill out a some comment forms pretending to be a lot of different people (A)

  13. soon , very soon!
    Once i find my dad's credit card that is ...

  14. Its sad that it won't be available in hardcover but I will be sure to review it in several book blogs here and on myspace and anywhere else that I can leave comments about it cause I'm sure that it will be great.And I'll be sure to ask for the day off so that I can read it uninterupted the day that it comes out.

  15. Congratulations, Amber! A lot of publishers are seeing paperback originals as the way to go, I'm sure because they're more affordable both to produce and buy. It's not considered a lesser kind of publication, not these days.

    (I'm a writer too, who's had a mix of both kinds of publication...and isn't it great people still publish books at all!)

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