Thursday, January 29, 2009

Common Rotation - Wasted Words

Here's a lil something to wet your whistle. We made this video in the wilds of Kotlik, AK last february. Enjoy! Mclovin' the Super 8!


  1. Awesome video!

    Welcome to the blog-o-sphere

  2. Lovely!!

    Not to define them by them Buffiness, but doesn't anyone else find it ironic that Warren shot Tara and now Tara is shooting Warren?

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  4. ok it really took me a while to get the tara shooting warren but now i do, so .. clever

    i liked this a lot, especially the light transitions and multiple focus points, it was really appealing and satisfying to the eye, and i loved the song

    I heard you're gonna be at ComicCon this year in NY, I was supposed to volunteer but once I heard about Joss' panel for Dollhouse i decided to go as a fan so I could possibly get in, so hopefully I'll get to see you there if i can battle my way through the crowd, its my first time going so i'm not fully informed on the intensity of the crowd :P

  5. Love the music--the bleakness of black & white film starkly underlines the lyrics, too.

  6. absolutely beautiful, Amber. Just gorgeous.

    p.s. next time you see Adam, mention that scruffiness plus glasses is a good thing. :)

  7. As I said last February on the Common Rotation's myspace, I love this video.
    Originally I love this song (even though it took me some time to hear what was said lol), and I was so delighted when I saw it what it that had the honour to get a video clip!
    I love Super8 imge quality, it gives a little something... an ambiance that I have trouble describing in English (am French). Still... Love it.
    Do you guys plan on making another video anytime soon?

  8. Glad you put the video up it's made me want to listen to Isalie again. Haven't in such a long time.

  9. It was great, but the practical, SAD part of me kept thinking I'd be burning things too, in a place that cold ...

  10. Maybe it's just the four guys in b & W, but the whole thing gave me a "Hard Days Night on antidepressants" vibe...

  11. cool! i'm an old friend of emily's, and so i had heard that you guys were shooting up there but hadn't had a chance to see the video yet. very excellent.

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  14. Also, would love to know all the lyrics to this one. Rad. x